Through the hammer? World Tour Back to Fashion Autumn Flowers and Open Another World Line

 Through the hammer? World Tour Back to Fashion Autumn Flowers and Open Another World Line

No need to miss your night, Im right beside you! Grass essence raspberry & little pink back to the wild!

Its really the kind of World hand tour is rare, with bears ears, and other grass essence is not the same kind of germination! Now, just after the October holidays, many lovely people who are on vacation say they are dying of you and will be back with you soon. Thats not true. The two little cute strawberries and pink from the strawberry family have packed up their suits and returned to the wilderness with the crowd. This tall, golden strawberry essence here is berry. In addition to a pair of watery and lovely green eyes, the two sleek bear ears of Berry are particularly noticeable. They are just like selling artifacts of sprouting. The basket of fresh fruits behind it is also specially brought back for you from a long distance of origin. Lemon, pitaya, watermelon, cantaloupe, apple, pear... Stop talking, saliva has come down!

As a famous beauty of strawberry essence, Berry also hangs a bright red and full strawberry in front of her eyes as a motive force to keep fit. Compared with Berry, the next strawberry boots with tender pink powder all over the body seem to be much more green and astringent. The ears of the bear are as delicate and lovely as those of the raspberry. Thousands of words have not yet been exported, behind the basket of melons and fruits has clearly expressed their love for you. Not as good as... Lets eat first? After all, only when you are full can you lose weight.

More World Hand Tour October Happy Activities, please continue to pay attention to us!

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