The Reigning of Candles and the Lighting of the World: Experience of the NS Edition of Candleman

 The Reigning of Candles and the Lighting of the World: Experience of the NS Edition of Candleman

With a little light flashing out of the dim ship, the surrounding slightly echoed the crunch of the waves against the ships hull, squeaking. Crunch, in a moment, the delightful light and shadow come into sight.

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Although it is an independent game, Candleman also has a stunning view, and the flashing candles and jumping lights in the picture are exactly the core of the game.

Soul of Darkness is a fire and Candleman is a light.

Burning yourself - lighting up the environment is the most interesting place in Candleman. This book is essentially a platform jumping game. The goal of clearance is to avoid the difficulties and obstacles along the way and reach the final destination. In addition, the candles on the way to the checkpoint, which are either explicit or hidden, constitute all the experience of the whole game.

It can be said that if you are a player familiar with platform action games such as Super Mario Brothers (especially the 3D series), then many of the levels in Candleman will give you a sense of deja vu. However, those seemingly old-fashioned platform jumping games have evolved great changes and freshness in the light of candlelight.

The experience before and after turning on the light is quite different.

There are a lot of dark scenes in the game, and roads, traps or collecting elements are hidden in the darkness. Brainless touch of darkness often falls down to blow the lamp and pull out the candle. Only burning the lamp oil can we see the distance clearly. In the early stage, there are a lot of designs that need to be flexible to light candles and remember the layout of scenes. In the mid-term, we can even encounter the interaction that needs to react to the light, such as the inflated flowers, the platform of light switch and so on. A large number of direct or indirect light control designs are embedded in the game process.

And the most interesting part of the game is the grasp of candlelight. A candle that can only burn for 10 seconds may not be much for a simple clearance, but if you want to find all the hidden candles in the clearance, you need to be caught in a struggle: is the fire burning or not?

Get up and fire, brother Die!

Small flames can illuminate all around, but scarce lamp oil can not always light. Only by remembering where the flames go in the flash of the candle flame can we find the shortcut to break the barrier through visual remnants and instant memory. Most puzzles (at least for the first few chapters of my experience) are not uncommon in ordinary platform action games, and the flame of candles is the catalyst that makes this experience unique. The flashing moment of candles touches the hearts of players, and the experience is very interesting.

It is difficult to fully express the way of walking through the maze with candles in language. The author has been stunned by the techniques of light and shadow one after another along the way just after a brief taste. I have reason to believe that there are more exotic schemes to play flowers with light and shadow in the later stage of the game, and I hope ing.

The mottled hull of the scrap ship is blackened, but it will be reflected in the light of the fire; the droplets on the wall like pearl necklaces broken by chains add luster to the candlelight; the scattered dust in the air, the dusty wooden boards of the tribes at the bottom of the cabin, and so on, all of which have been carefully carved, add fuel to the candle journey and create a wonderful combination. Beautiful scenery.

The art design of many scenes in the game is quite amazing and impressive.

Generally speaking, the core play of Candleman can be said to be spear and shield.

Players need light to illuminate during transit, but the lighting time is limited by 10 seconds of candle characteristics. The production team skillfully connected the game playing method with the character design, which enhanced the sense of substitution and also increased the rationality of the game. It is not difficult to see from the story of the first half of the game playing a small candle in the process of finding a way out in the lost abandoned boat. The narrative of the game is also related to the way of playing and the setting of the game.

It can be felt that the game producer wants to convey a kind of Zen like Chen Xinghans work Wind Traveler. He carries out an evil dark world for the players. Then he puts the players into the world to explore by himself, and moves forward and backward by choosing the time when the candle burns. He goes through a story from losing his way to finding his direction, then embarking on his journey and finally reaping the growth.

May the light of this spark and candle be transmitted to more players.

Candles are handed down from one place to another. NSs Candleman also synthesizes various excellent factors of the above platform.

Excellent picture viewing is no less than the two main host platforms, access to the base to connect TV can enjoy the home experience brought by the large screen, holding in the palm and has a delicate and compact palm experience; NS portable compared to smartphones has unique advantages, because fingers blocking the screen and missing collections will never happen again, excellent hand feeling makes mobile phone party envy. To drool; Chapter-like process and NS follow-and-play characteristics are complementary to each other.

Dear, really do not intend to burn themselves, light up the light?