From slums to Millionaire Kipjog, the training environment is still shabby and the toilets have to be washed in person.

 From slums to Millionaire Kipjog, the training environment is still shabby and the toilets have to be washed in person.

Its true that time is always harsh on runners, but it seems a little tolerant on Kipjog.

If Bolts 100-metre runway shows an electro-optical spark speed, then Kipjogs speed on the marathon runway is a force that does not surprise everywhere.

He said he had always believed in the saying, There is no limit to human beings.

In order to run, he can take any kind of training.

Marathon is not a sport for star-making. Compared with the big and strong basketball stars, the top marathon runners seem to be no different from the ordinary people, even thinner.

Kipjog is a typical example, 167 centimeters, 52 kilograms, introverted personality, whispering softly... The basic attributes of sports stars can hardly be reflected in him.

But thats Kipjog, who has received the highest praise from the American running media Runners World. Destiny has given Kipjog a good hand, excellent physiological conditions, and every gram of body weight has been exerted to the utmost. But its only at the end of the marathon, when he goes at a pace of 2:47 per kilometer, that other people can feel incredibly powerful.

But in competitive sports, all great achievements are based on hard training day after day. The same is true of Kipjogs story.

I believe that humans have no limits, because I keep running, and I run 200 to 230 kilometers a week. Achievements are the best reflection of training results.

Of course, without talent, training as hard as possible would not help athletes reach their peak, and Kipjog believes that.

You must have talent, whether in running or other fields, but talent is only part of it. You also need enthusiasm, when you have a passion and focus on one thing, you will persist in training and challenges.

Coach Patrick sang.

However, in the view of coach Patrick sang, the most concrete expression of the abstract concept of passion in kipchaug is the self-discipline and diligence that are different from ordinary people.

After working with Kipjog for more than 20 years, Coach Sang still remembers the story of the first meeting. He came to me and asked me for a training plan. I asked him curiously,Who are you?and Kipjog gave me an interesting answer,Im a neighbor living in a village with you.

In the past, when talking to the surging journalists about the past, Coach Sang laughed very hard. He didnt have any fame at that time. Later, I learned that his mother was my kindergarten teacher, which may be fate.

Kipjog runs in Jingshan, Beijing.

When there was no coach supervising him at first, Kipjog always completed all the training plans by himself, and then found Coach Sang and asked him for a new training plan...

Ive never seen such a runner and so self-disciplined. In order to run, he can endure any kind of training.

In order to break 2, Kipjog started his training cycle after the London Marathon in April. After the race, he ran for four consecutive days with ease and then rested for three weeks without running at all.

Then, under the guidance of his coach, he maintained intensive training three to four times a week, and then chose a day in the gym to train muscle strength and flexibility for up to two and a half hours.

Kipjog leads the Chinese track and field team.

Environment will not kill his talent

Running brought Kipjog fame and wealth.

In November 1984, Kipjog was born in a village in Nandi County, western Kenya, a remote area only tens of kilometres from Eldoret, the worlds running capital.

Kipjog has been running on the dirt road there since he was a child. When he graduated from high school, he worked as a milkman for more than five months in order to save enough money to buy his first running shoes and equipment.

In this way, he ran to the national stage, the world championships and the Olympic Games. Then, he moved from 3000 meters and 5000 meters to Marathon... In the next story, he wants to break 2 and accomplish something that human beings cant do.

Usually, those slum millionaires will choose a relatively pleasant environment to continue their struggle after success, but Kipjog, who owns tens of millions of dollars, does not. He chooses to stick to his favorite running environment in Eldorets most common training environment.

In his words, there is the most suitable atmosphere for running there.

The humble environment of his hometown is Kipjogs paradise., a well-known running forum in the United States, once traveled to Kenya to follow Kipjog for a days training. After that, even the journalist could not believe that Kipjog had completed his daily intensive training in such an environment.

Get up before 5 oclock every morning and start running before the sun rises at 5:50. Practice twice a day. The second time starts at 4 p.m. and goes to bed no later than 9 p.m.

Kipjog trained every day to run 1000 meters at a 3-point pace, jogging for 1 minute at intervals, 13 at a time. Another of his favorite trainings was fierce, running 32 kilometers at a pace of 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

All the training was done in a very rudimentary track and field. There was no obvious sign on the runway. There was only a green and white cement roadside to separate the runway from the inside lawn. The dirt runway sometimes raises dust, causing some trainers to keep coughing. And their weightlifting room also has a homemade barbell...

At the end of the training, after returning to the 2.4-metre-wide, 3-metre-long dormitory, Kipjog would look at his handwritten training notes. For more than a decade, every training log has been kept intact. After writing the training log, he had to clean the toilet according to the sundry schedule.

I love running. I love running very much. I know there are 300 muscles on the face, some of which connect nerves in the brain. When you show a happy expression, your head will receive the message of your happiness and follow your body will not hurt. So I like to run the last mile with a laugh.

Indeed, when Kipjog crossed the finish line in an hour, 59 minutes and 40 seconds to set a record, he had a brilliant smile on his face.

Source: Zhao Ruiqi_NB12596