Do you want to be disturbed by public opinion?

 Do you want to be disturbed by public opinion?

Since the beginning of the school, the school has communicated with the representatives of the family committees of all grades for a total of about 12 hours on September 2, 5 and 6, respectively, in response to parentsdoubts and puzzles.

On September 6, according to the experts suggestion and the request of the Family Committee, the school launched the second environmental quality monitoring work. The testing unit is the National Construction Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, which has the dual inspection qualification of CMA and CNAS recognized in the industry.

Starting at 19:40 on September 6, under the witness of the school, the capital construction Department of Peking University, the general contractor, the supervisor and the lawyer of the law firm, the staff closed the selected classrooms in batches. During this process, a representative of the Family Committee was invited to identify some of the classrooms to be tested and put forward some requests and questions. Later, some seals were signed, and the whole closure ended at about 22:30 that evening. The video was monitored and saved for 12 hours during the closure process.

Starting at 7:40 on September 7, the National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Construction Projects took samples in strict accordance with the normative procedures. The opening and sampling of the classroom witnessed by the school, the Ministry of Capital Construction of Peking University, the general contractor, the supervisor and the lawyers of law firms were completed at 13:00 on the same day for 45 minutes at each sampling point. Parent representatives who participated in the closed work mentioned above informed the school early that this is not a test organized by the Family Committee, and follow-up work is no longer involved.

During the class period from September 10 to 12, in order to alleviate parentsdoubts, the school opened campus visits to all parents. Within three days, 575 parents voluntarily applied to visit the school.

On September 14, the school announced to parents the Environmental Testing Qualification Report, Plastic Runway Testing Report and Plastic Runway Quality Testing Process Description. In the inspection qualified report issued by the National Construction Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the distribution of the inspection points on each floor and the corresponding room temperature of the detection points have complete information, and the room temperature at each point during the inspection is presented. It is between 22 and 28 degrees of compliance.

Report on Indoor Air Quality Testing

Testing Report of Plastic Runway

Explanation on Quality Inspection Process of Plastic Runway on September 4

The above three documents were sent to each parent through the class group on the evening of 14. In addition to maintaining communication with parents, the school also reports daily to the district government and the municipal government on the progress of the schools work under the guidance of the Haidian Education Committee.

At the beginning of the school, some parents reported that their students were not well. The school invited medical experts to the school for investigation at the first time, and provided free diagnosis for students on the 3rd, 5th and 8th days. Health guidance was given for students with allergic constitution during the season change. At the same time, the school began to broadcast online classes. After the issuance of the qualified test report, all kinds of teaching activities in our school resumed normal operation and the live broadcasting class stopped. The special clubs and elective courses suspended because of live webcast courses have been carried out smoothly. The underground gymnasium has not been open to use yet because of the installation of fresh air system. The other teaching areas have all installed fresh air system in accordance with the way recommended by experts to prevent air quality problems after heating in winter. After the formal winter, in order to further ensure air quality, parents will arrange another air quality test including gymnasiums.

Up to the time of publication of this statement, the original data of more than three classes of leave from the leave system are as follows:

On 8 October, six people

On 9 October, 12 persons

On October 10, seven people

October 11, 10 people

In the course of this incident, we deeply felt the importance and concern of the whole society for school education and studentshealth in the new era. Our school respects the supervision function of the media, but also knows that its duty is to teach and educate people. It does not want to be controlled by public opinion disputes, let alone cause more influence and misunderstanding in the process of event resolution. Thank you for your trust and respect for all the responsible government departments, testing units and experts in various fields in the incident, and for avoiding unnecessary discussions that affect students and parents at school. For those who still have doubts about the incident, please send an e-mail to [email protected] The school will reply promptly. I hope this response and related annexes can reassure you that the attached one is still the one. All the teachers and students in the experimental school will devote themselves to the education and teaching work of the school as before. In the next stage, the school will further focus on curriculum setting, teaching implementation and personnel training, promote connotation development by running schools with characteristics, further improve class construction, and strive to create a rich and diverse educational ecology; focus on improving the quality of teaching and implementing secondary school attached to Peking University. Efforts should be made in the concept of education, adhere to the original mission of establishing morality and cultivating people, and constantly improve the quality of running schools.

Source: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310, Editor-in-Charge of Middle School Affiliated to Peking University