Russia plans to deploy stealth fighter hunter radar: capable of detecting B2 F22 F35

 Russia plans to deploy stealth fighter hunter radar: capable of detecting B2 F22 F35

Reference News Network reported on October 10 that according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, by the end of the year, niobium - SV high-mobility long-range radar system will be deployed in the southern Russian military region, adjacent to the Black Sea region and over southern Russia will be covered.

According to the Russian News website reported on October 9, Niobium - SV radar known as stealth fighter hunter, can not only find common flying targets, but also track stealth aircraft and hypersonic missiles. At the same time, due to its high mobility and unique technical performance, Nb - SV radar is almost impeccable. Therefore, Russian experts believe that the radar detection capability in the southern Russian airspace will be greatly enhanced after the installation of this radar array. After the invalidation of the China Guidance Treaty, this task has become particularly urgent.

Reported that this is the first time that Russias southern military region equipped with niobium - SV radar system. The system has been tested by the air defense forces in the Russian Central Military Region before. Russian Ministry of Defense stressed that the niobium radar is not the technical equipment of the air and space forces, it will enable the army air defense forces to expand the arsenal.

Russian experts believe that the new radar will effectively protect the entire southern region of Russia, which is necessary. Admiral Leonid Ivanshov, President of the Institute of Geopolitical Studies, pointed out that the United States had established the so-called anti-missile defence zone in Romania to protect Europe from the Iranian threat, but that was only an excuse, but in fact to protect its deployed offensive weapons.

Reported that the three-coordinate niobium - SV radar system is developed for the Russian Army air defense, can be used to detect, track and identify various air targets - aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and small unmanned aerial vehicles. This radar system can work all-weather to monitor the airspace condition.

Lieutenant General Alexander Luzan, former deputy commander of the Russian Army Air Defense Force, believes that several Nb-SV radar systems can monitor the entire Black Sea area.

The report points out that Nb-SV is a kind of meter-wave radar, and the meter-wave band it uses can detect multi-stealth aircraft, including the U.S. B-2 ghost strategic bomber, F-22 raptor and F-35 lightning fighter. Luzan said: This is a major advantage of the meter-wave radar, which can make the stealth effect come to naught. If the radar is added centimeter band, the target resolution will be more accurate.

Reported that, because of these excellent performance, whether in peacetime or wartime, Niobium - SV is an effective weapon for the Russian army to organize combat duty. Niobium - SV radar can detect up to 300 kilometers and track 300 targets at the same time. The radar is mounted on the wheeled chassis of a highly off-road vehicle, and can transfer equipment in minutes, which greatly improves the radars own viability.

Niobium - SV radar system schematic diagram. (Russian Ministry of Defence website)

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