Li Guoqing apologized for the glass-throwing, but even more so, he stigmatized his husband and wifes entrepreneurship.

 Li Guoqing apologized for the glass-throwing, but even more so, he stigmatized his husband and wifes entrepreneurship.

[TechWeb] October 12, when founder Li Guoqing recently became a hot topic on the Internet because of his angry cup fall in an interview, he apologized for his behavior on Weibo today and said, Whats more, he stigmatized the couples entrepreneurship.

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Li Guoqing recalled being forced to drink by his wife in anger: she could not be forgiven

In the interview, Li Guoqing once again reviewed the story of leaving Dangdang. According to his statement, on January 15 last year, he received a forced letter from Yu Yus authorized management and was kicked out of office. Regarding this matter, Li Guoqing resented, Why did she use this conspiracy and trick way? It made him angry and fell the cup.

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Li Guoqing recalls being forced to throw a glass in anger by his wife: of course, she cant be forgiven (Source: Netease Science and Technology Report)

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