The man was sentenced to 11 yearsimprisonment for failing to hold a knife and asking the contractor for salary

 The man was sentenced to 11 yearsimprisonment for failing to hold a knife and asking the contractor for salary

In order to ask for salary, on February 18, 2019, Xiao Mou came to a house in Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District. He had a dispute with Liu Mou, the contractor. He stabbed Liu Mou in the chest with a sharp knife, which resulted in Liu Mous death on the spot. Beijing News reporter learned today (October 12) that the case was recently sentenced by the Third Intermediate Court of Beijing. Xiao Mou was sentenced to 11 yearsimprisonment for the crime of intentional injury, and the criminal incidental civil part was sentenced to pay more than 76,000 yuan for the economic losses of Liu Mous family.

Workers failed to solicit wages and tie down contractors

According to another site worker Mr. Wang, he and Xiao Mou, as well as contractor Liu Mou, live together in the rental house of the accident site, which is their dormitory. On February 17, Xiao Mou told him in his dormitory that Liu Mou, the contractor, owed him tens of thousands of yuan in salary and promised to pay him the next day, and then he could go back to his hometown. At 4 p.m. the next day, Xiao Mou walked into Liu Mous room and talked. Mr. Wang didnt hear what he said. A few minutes later, Xiao Mou returned to his room and lay in bed. Mr. Wang also went to bed.

At about 18 oclock, Mr. Wang was suddenly woken up by a bang sound. He rushed over to see Liu Mou lying in bed with blood on his chest and quilt. Xiao Mou stood still. Mr. Wang called the police.

Mr. Wang said that in the past, they always quarreled because of the salary. The money was owed for two or three years and has not been settled. Recently, because Xiaos family always urged him.

According to Lius younger brother, the main project Liu contracted is air conditioning, fire protection and thermal insulation. He has several workers. If his wages are not in arrears, he can get about 1 million yuan a year. Then he gives the workerswages, each of them about 34,000 yuan a year, because the boss always owes them, so Liu will also default on the workers wages.

But Mr. Ma, who is in charge of Lius project, said that he was not in arrears with Lius money and that Liu also borrowed money from him. At the end of September 2018, he borrowed money for lack of money. I asked him what he had done with his last money. He said he had done something else. I was angry and scolded him. Mr. Ma said that Liu had lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in gambling, owed usury, or had no money for the workers.

The victims family members issue a letter of understanding

In this regard, the defendant Xiao confessed that every year Liu would default part of his salary, in order to let Xiao continue to work with Liu in the next year. As of August 2018, he had owed more than 40,000 yuan in salary arrears. After New Years Day in 2019, he returned to Beijing to work with him, and by the way, he had to return his wages in arrears. Liu first told him to give money on New Years Day, but he did not receive it. He also said that he gave money on the seventh day of the Spring Festival, but did not give it. On the day of the incident, Xiao promised his family to go home for the Lantern Festival, but he still didnt ask for money.

Although my family didnt explicitly ask me to take the money back, I felt shameless to go back after working outside for a year and not taking the money home. Xiao Mou said that in the afternoon of the incident, he asked for money many times in Liu Mous room. At that time, Liu Mou said, Today is not there. If you want to knock out your two front teeth. So, as the other party approached, he picked up the fruit knife on the table and stabbed the victim.

Subsequently, the court found the prosecutions accusation of intentional injury and surrendered himself to the public security organs. The victims relatives issued a memorandum of understanding to give Xiao a lighter punishment, and then made the above judgment.

Source: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310, responsible editor of Beijing News