Hazelnut homestay renamed meituan homestay: the flow organization structure of meituan will remain unchanged

 Hazelnut homestay renamed meituan homestay: the flow organization structure of meituan will remain unchanged

Source: Visual China

Journalist | Zheng Zhiying

On October 12, the Hazelnut Hostel of the American League was officially renamed as American League Hostel, and the American League brand continued to develop its business. The reporter looked up hazelnut home stay app and small program, and found that they had been renamed meituan home stay.

It is understood that the decision to change the name came from a survey of Hazelnut Hostels in March this year. Feng Weihe, head of the American Leagues residential business, found that consumers had a higher awareness of American Leagues residential business, and ultimately decided to use the high-awareness American League brand to change the identification of Hazelnut residential business.

From its establishment to the present and even in the future, the core source of flow will still be the American League. In this case, we will make full use of the brand effect and flow resources of the American League, and rename it more logical. Feng Weihe, head of the groups residential business, said in an interview with Jinlu.com. Previously, nearly 70% of the flow of Hazelnut lodgings came from the American community.

After the renaming, the original organizational structure, operation mode and business direction remained unchanged. Feng Weihe still served as the head of residential business, reporting to Zhang Chuan, senior vice president of the group and President of the store business group.

The accommodation mode can enrich the accommodation supply of the American League. In marketing, the American League accommodation can improve the users awareness. An insider of the American Leagues residential quarters said that the news of the interface was analyzed.

In April 2017, Hazelnut Hostel officially launched, and then updated the bright yellow Hazelnut logo, which is younger in marketing style. Data from more than a year after its launch show that 75% of its users are under 30 years old and 60% of its residential landlords are under 35 years old. The user attributes of the accommodation are quite consistent with the main flow of the American League channel.

With the help of the flow support of the American League, the development speed of Hazelnut Boarding is very fast. In August 2018, the national housing supply was 240,000 units, with nearly 60,000 landlords. The latest data was 720,000 units. The number of landlords was 150,000, more than double that of a year ago. In January of this year, Feng Weihe said at a data sharing meeting that the average daily and nighttime accommodation volume of the American League surpassed that of Abiying in November and December of 2019. This is similar to the catching-up path of the hotel business - relying on the huge flow of local life services to build the entrance, the business of the hotel once called Ctrip in the middle of the night. Industry analysis shows that the economy and middle-class hotels account for the majority of bookings.

At present, there are nearly 500 members of the American Leagues residential team, and they have their own local promotion team. In September this year, Hazelnut Hostel announced cooperation with Honeycomb, the two sides have direct access to housing, the first 200,000 Household Hostel Hostel Hostel Household Household Household Household Household Household Platform on-line, thereby obtaining new traffic entrance.

Jinlu reported that Zhang Chuan, senior vice president of the groups comments, said that the group would invest more resources in residential business, but the specific plan was not announced.

At present, the number of residential houses in China is the largest. By the first half of this year, the number of global residential houses in Tujia had exceeded 2.3 million. With the help of the integration of flow channels and the support of Ctrip channels, Tujia said that in the first half of this year, the number of domestic and overseas bookings had increased by two times as compared with the same period last year, and nearly four times as the number of overseas bookings. Piglet has also carried out a brand renewal after being invested by Yunfeng Fund, and has made a lot of attempts to cooperate with local governments in the development of rural residential accommodation. Abe Ying has made more localization adjustments in the past year, and its global experience business has increased to more than 2,000 in China. In the first half of this year, Abe Ying announced that its domestic business has nearly tripled.

Source: Responsible Editor of Interface News: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541