Depression: Why is your major depression always bad? Maybe it was a mistake.

 Depression: Why is your major depression always bad? Maybe it was a mistake.

I have a deep experience of myself. I used to be a patient with severe depression. Although I rejected taking medicine at that time, the symptoms were too serious, so I had to take it!

Later, it was through learning that the significance of treatment was far greater than all the side effects. Failure to treat and resist treatment would only lead to a worse situation. And I have witnessed a lot of such phenomena, including my counselors, because they take chances to ignore my reminders, and for several years still in the state of depression, the quality of life, which is also a big discount. Long-term suffering from depression, thinking will inevitably be solidified into a more melancholy and pessimistic cognitive thinking, consciousness, so as to form a vicious cycle of the situation. From this point of view, it can also be explained that those who are not good for a long time not only have not been treated thoroughly before, but also have been suffering from symptoms to surrender pessimistic thinking and cognition. Thats what happens all year round.

Those who obey the doctors advice and revere scientific treatment have already embarked on a healthy journey.

Thats the difference! It is always the most correct truth to master the correct method and treat it scientifically and systematically.

Therefore, the medication must be systematic, symptomatic, consolidated to treat, otherwise violated, will lead to repeated illness, never see a turning point.

And scientific guidelines on how to take medication?

These instructions are blank for patients and their families. It is precisely because of this that so many patients are on the wrong path of treatment. It seems that you are taking medicine for treatment, but is the method correct? Have you insisted on systematic treatment?

Ask these two questions. If you do not do these two problems, then you are a wrong treatment, such treatment will only exhaust your patience and wear down your perseverance.

Moreover, because doctors are too busy to explain or advise you how to take medicine correctly, many patients and their families do not know how to take medicine, and do not know how to revere the scientific nature of the treatment, so that they often take a chance to use medicine privately (such as stopping medicine, reducing medicine, etc.), so that the result is acceptable. Imagine, that is: symptoms will continue to exist repeatedly, time has passed, but you are still not good!

The reason is that your treatment is not correct and standard, which is also a bad outcome caused by the delay in treatment, private medication and incomplete treatment.

So how to standardize the treatment of depression?

In a few words, it can be summarized as follows:

Adhere to the systematic treatment, in the treatment period, take sufficient treatment.

That is to say, if the drug is suitable for you in the initial stage of treatment, consolidation therapy should be taken, and consolidation therapy is additional treatment. Whether you have symptoms or not, consolidation therapy period is about 9 months. If symptoms are alleviated later, the drug will be reduced and stopped for up to three or four months, but all these must be followed. The doctor ordered it to proceed.

Of course, the specific situation has to be treated concretely, and it can not be carried out in full accordance with what is said in the article.

Because here is just a brief description of the importance of this problem, after all, relapsed patients are not in accordance with such a way to carry out, here is to tell you to face scientifically, to seriously and awfully adhere to consolidation therapy, only in this way, you can go to health, get rebirth. Read Out of the Devil for more guideline healing articles


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Aqiu is a national second-level psychological consultant, well-known emotional mentor, well-known emotional psychology writer and disseminator of physical and mental health. He has written a new book, Out of the Devil of the Heart, a soul book for the treatment of anxiety and depression, to accompany you to heal.