Left Womans Heart: If I cant marry in my life, I will live like this.

 Left Womans Heart: If I cant marry in my life, I will live like this.

So, as a woman who is a little old and has become a leftover woman in the eyes of others, what are her plans for the future? Ming Yiyue read the interview and found that the real leftovers, in fact, have already made preparations for if this life can not marry out, together to listen to their voices.

If I cant get married in my life, I can still live happily.

Many people think that the leftover girl is pitiful because she has no children and no companions, and seems to be lonely and unhappy.

However, in Miss As eyes, How good is life for a person, like me, 30 + married women, either holding in their arms or delivering kindergartens every day, have time to do SPA with me, say go and go on a trip?

Mingyi believes that if God refuses to give you something, it will inevitably compensate you somewhere.

For the leftover women, although there is no love, but I can not take care of the tedious family, a person can still live a happy life.

If I cant get married in my life, I have enough financial security for my life.

Since there is no love, then work hard to live.

As Miss B said, Although Im 34 years old and unmarried, I have a house and a savings account, and those housewives of my age who take care of their families ask for money from their husbands when they buy a paper towel. I dont envy her at all. Although she has a man in her family, for me, she has enough financial security and doesnt need to look up to anyone.

Economic self-reliance and all self-sufficiency are the normal life of the leftover women, and they have the courage to go on alone.

Mingyi believes that for the leftover women, age is no longer a problem, as long as the economy is strong enough, life is easy.

With enough money and enough freedom, there will be enough excitement and enough happiness.

Bottom line: leftover womens life is entirely up to them. You are not entitled to laugh at someone who is ready for life.

If you cant marry in your life, please believe that women will still live a splendid life.