Guo Jingmings refutation of his predecessor Mingdaos crying about please take the place of the actors has many points of view.

 Guo Jingmings refutation of his predecessor Mingdaos crying about please take the place of the actors has many points of view.

From 0 to 5 years of age, such as the host Shen Mengchen, the heroine Peng Xiaotu in Donggong, Guo Junchen in Qian Sanyi in Juvenile School and Mingyu Jiangzixin in Yanxi Palace, it can be seen that such actors are mainly cross-border actors, small flesh and small flowers.

Six to ten years of age, including Song Yunhua, the heroine of My Girl Age, Fang Yifan, Zhou Qi, the heroine of New Comedy King, and comedian Yang Di, are the main actors with representative works and desire to challenge themselves.

From 11 to 15 years old, there are child stars like Niu Junfeng and Yu Xiaotong, or mature actors like Mingdao, Yan Yalun and Zhong Xintong who are well known by the public but want to break the label.

After the actor joins the instructors group, there will be two or three pks, the instructor can only leave one player, and the other three instructors can choose whether to re-select the eliminated players into their own camp.

The first climax of yesterdays program was directed by Guo Jingming.

The reason is that Guo Jingmings group, composed of Guo Junchen and Dong Li, co-starred in the film Sadness flows into rivers.

During the training period, Dong Li exposed the problem of not performing.

On the stage, the whole play was somewhat confused. Dong Lis expression was like that of a student scolded by a teacher. His heart was empty and his eyes were fluttering.

You can see how embarrassed it is from the expressions of the instructors on the stage.

Li Chengru, an assistant guest sitting beside him, almost wrote the words dislike on his face.

Sure enough, after the performance, Li Chengru asked Wang Xun sitting next to him, Can you hear what they are talking about?

Wang Xun is also a half-baked, it seems that this youth campus drama, isolated from a fragment, for two middle-aged uncles really difficult to understand.

When Sha Yi, the host, asked about his feelings, Li Chengru did not leave a face at all, but directly threw out eight big words: such as sitting on pins and felt, such as a thorn in the back!

Even more bluntly, Have you practiced your lines? I cant hear you clearly. Thats the actorstaboo!

Guo Jingming, the original author on stage, kept his head down while Zhao Wei smiled awkwardly, and the atmosphere on the spot dropped to freezing point.

However, Guo Jingming, who is the main victim of the loss, when the old opera bone criticism is over, Guo Jingming volunteered to say a few words.

You have the right to hate, and others have the right to like.

After the war of words, some people thought Guo Jingming was just a good eloquent. The clips of Dong Liguo Junchens performance were really bad, so we cant blame Li Chengru for not being able to watch them.

There are also netizens who are disappointed with Li Chengru, the old opera skeleton, and think that he is bullying others by force of influence.

Netizens also picked up that he had occupied the actors dim rehearsal hall when he participated in a variety show before, and would swear and cry dimly.

Whether Li Chengru bullied the newcomers, let alone discuss the matter.

In fact, as far as Dong Li and Guo Junchen are concerned, some netizens express that they are really embarrassed. ?

However, Li Chengrus criticism, although there are desirable places, did not mention the point. Youth campus theme has its necessity and value. There are many excellent campus theme works, which no one can deny.

The reason why I didnt understand it is probably because there are problems in the writing of lines and acting skills, leading to the plot can not properly advance.

Including Li Chengru himself in subsequent interviews also said that at that time on the stage is not for whom, is that should not use superficial strokes to mobilize emotions.

Li Chengru opened fire on the whole subject and the author because he was not happy with it. His casual attitude was not desirable. It also showed that the actors were not good enough.

Guo Jingming also took the responsibility. The play was not good, my fault.

So who are you standing for in this war of words between Li Chengru and Guo Jingming?

Another controversial point appears in the group of Mingdao and Chen Ruoxian.

This group is very interesting. Its the most powerful group before the game.

Mingdao, no need to introduce more. Many peoples childhood memories, idol drama Prince Charming, the most skilled hegemonic president. He is 14 years older than Chen Ruoxian, and has several times more time from art. It seems that winning Chen Ruoxian is a matter from hand to hand.

Chen Ruoxian, who has starred in Jiuzhou Fanglu and Psychological Crime and other films, is still the deepest dancer of Chen Dance in The Great Star Detective.

Although less famous than Mingdao, Chen Ruoxian is not weak at all.

Hear oneself and the way a group, the first reaction is happy from heaven, the way is responsible for handsome, I am responsible for acting.

What?? Is this the irony that there is no acting?

Now that we are so confident, lets see the effect of the actual performance.

First of all, Chen Ruoxian, the rhythm of the performance meal by meal, before his lines, his face is blank and expressionless.

This is the expression when I saw my father being held up by Mingdao. Its true... No change.

So its the King of Speech, the Bronze in Practice???

And the clear way, the eyes are still in place.

However, Taiwan opera still plays a little bit. The action of holding the gun is soft and powerless, which cant convince people that this is a pistol used and ruthless hitter.

Both of them had flaws in their performances and failed to get 100% of the audience involved.

Chen had to teach theatre on the spot. Under his guidance, Mingdao and Chen Ruohuan performed again. This time, Chen Ruohuan did make progress. At least his eyes were no longer dull. The falling tears gave him extra points for the performance.

Because of this progress, Chen chose to leave Chen Ruoxian and eliminate Mingdao.

In fact, this choice is also a microcosm of the current market, such as Mingdao, the old traffic, with the increase of age, they often face the situation of no play.

Mingdao also disclosed on the spot that it was the first time this year that he participated in Inviting Actors to Place.

Friends also told him that he could never play No. 1 again.

Pride and self-esteem have been hit hard by a man who used to dominate the heroes in big pop operas.

I even feel a little contemptuous of myself.

The speed of exchange between old and new traffic is accelerating, either transforming into a super power group, or can only give up the position, after all, no one can always be young, but someone will always be young...

In fact, the crux of Mingdao is that he still wants to play the leading role in his heart, but in many cases, the supporting role may be better than the leading role.

Take several supporting actors in the program for example. After the program was broadcasted, some people once joked, Please be in the position of the actor can be renamed Assist in the position of the actor.

The same is true of Ren Min in Sadness Flows Backward into a River. She keeps her own rhythm no matter how well each other plays, alternating with Dong Li and Guo Junchen.

Wang Xuns acting as a little man is really credible.

Because there was no rehearsal and the voice of actor Ejingwen could not be heard on the spot, Wang Xuns on-the-spot reaction ability was very fast, on the contrary, he created a real sense of dialogue between two people inside and outside the house.

The assistant smash the court general high quality performance, more appears in the program the players naivety, I do not know whether the next few issues of this situation will improve.

In other words, if the acting skills are perfect, then there is no need to participate in the program competition.

Many of the 50 athletes came from the mentality of learning from famous leaders. After all, directors of such rank as Chen Kaige and Li Shaohong are hard to reach at ordinary times.

The advantage of celebrity leaders is that they are very good at finding actorsproblems and can also put forward solutions well.

Previously in I am an actor, director Chen Kaige showed a wave of his guidance skills when directing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for Xu Jiao and Hu Xianyu.

Director Chen directs actors. He will first analyze the plot, then ask the actorsmotives, and finally put forward his own views.

And Chen Dao is giving specific solutions, not some metaphysical theoretical knowledge.

Tell Chen Ruoxian that emotional advancement is also hierarchical, you come and go.

Under Chens guidance, Chen Ruoxians expression is much more vivid.

In the face of Dong Lis performance, Chen helped him analyze the relationship between the roles and told him that acting is in the relationship between the characters.

How should we react to each other in the relationship between two people?

Although Ejingwens performance of The Anonymous Generation has received a lot of praise, Chen Dao can acutely find that her charactersemotions are too single.

When facing death, a paraplegic person will be calm, but at the same time instinctively afraid. How to put the two emotions together is what a good actor needs to practice.

In the performance of No Thieves in the World, Bao Wenyi heard the news of her husbands death and gripped his watch in agony.

Chen Dao felt that Bao Wenjings role had just finished eating roast duck and was full of oil. How could she grab such an important relic for her right away?

Generally speaking, the director and assistant of Place the Actors are the players.

Comparing with the previous variety show The Birth of an Actor, the audience has a new understanding of Mondays surroundings, Blue Yingying and Ling Xiaosu. The performance of the first issue of Please Play an Actor is generally general. Although there are still some players who can perform as well as Bao Wenzhi and Er Jingwen, they have not reached the stage of making people glamorous.

However, there are more than 40 contestants in the background who did not play, including some of the power factions. Lets see if the next program can bring us more surprises.

Source: Sun Yilin_NK5261, Editor-in-Charge of Manuscript Editorial Department