Three tricks to keep your skin safe

 Three tricks to keep your skin safe

After autumn, Ms. Liang often feels tight, bloodshot, tingling and sometimes peeling. When consulting dermatology department of the Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yuan Hu, the chief physician of the department, told her that this is a sign of water shortage from the skin.

Yuan Hu reminds us that in autumn, dry climate, reduced lipid secretion of human sebaceous glands, rapid evaporation of water, and prolonged water shortage of skin will affect the absorption of skin care products. Long-term water shortage of surface skin can easily make thin skin areas such as eyes and corners of mouth grow fine lines, which will weaken the protective effect of sebaceous membrane on skin and make skin become more thin. Dry and itchy, the resistance to external stimuli is weakened, and the skin is easily allergic.

To moisturize and replenish the skin, we should choose appropriate moisturizing products according to different skin qualities. He Dawei suggested that cream products with high oil content should be preferred for moderate-dry skin, while oily skin should choose products with less oil and refreshing, but these products have short moisturizing effect and can be repaired once or twice a day to make up for the shortage of moisturizing time. Some people think that oily skin does not need special water replenishment. He Dawei said that when oily skin is short of water, it will constantly secrete oil to lock in water. If oil secretes too much, it will lead to water loss. Therefore, oily skin should also be properly replenished.

Skin moisturizing should also be internal and external repair. In addition to replenishing water on the skin surface, 1 800 ml of water should be consumed every day to meet the skins water needs and maintain the bodys water, in order to increase the skins water content. Yuan Hu especially reminds us that while replenishing the skin with water, we should also pay attention to moisturizing, prevent the loss of skin moisture, and make the skin reach its best state.

B Anti-allergy, Improving immunity is the key

Ms. Cheng, 35, is prone to erythema and papules in autumn. Recently, erythema and papules appeared again in her limbs and neck. Her itching was not only repeated, but also repeated. She was diagnosed as papular urticaria in the dermatology department of the Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

According to He Dawei, the recent alternation of hot and cold weather is prone to cause papular urticaria. This is a high incidence of allergic skin disease, mainly caused by mosquito bites. People with such allergic diseases should try to avoid going to places with flourishing flowers, trees and mosquitoes. Dietary aspects, avoid eating dog meat, mutton, seafood and other hair. Because pets are easy to carry fleas, mites, lice and so on, it is better not to keep pets such as cats and dogs.

Dry autumn is easy to aggravate atopic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis is characterized by dry and itchy skin. After scratching, there will be erythema and eczema, which are more common in the elderly and children. He Dawei reminds us that atopic dermatitis is related to the allergic constitution of patients. We should pay attention to avoiding contact with allergens, scratching and eating spicy and irritating food. Otherwise, it is easy to relapse after cure.

He Dawei reminds people with allergies to wear long sleeves and trousers when they go out to play, avoid going to places where mosquitoes are more frequent, do not share towels with others, carry with them common anti-allergic drugs such as loratadine and calamine lotion, and seek medical treatment in time when allergies are serious. In addition, papular urticaria and atopic dermatitis belong to skin allergic diseases. Allergy is a disease related to the bodys immune function. It is crucial to improve the bodys immunity.

C Outdoor activities in cloudy days should also do a good job of sun protection

Recently, when Ms. Zou, 50, returned home from her trip to Hainan, she had a large number of dark-brown spots on her limbs and face. The dermatologist of the Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine found that the dark-brown spots on Ms. Zous skin were senile spots, and the skin condition was much older than the actual age. Originally, Ms. Zou likes traveling very much. She has traveled a lot throughout the country. Her skin has been exposed to sunlight for a long time, and she has never sunscreened or repaired after sunshine, so she has accelerated the aging process.

Ninety percent of skin aging is caused by ultraviolet light in the sun. According to Qujing, the deputy director of Dermatology Department of the hospital, the most important thing is to block ultraviolet rays, because ultraviolet rays can damage the skin, expose to the outdoor for a long time without any sunscreen measures, but there are some aging phenomena, such as sunburn, sunburn, relaxation, dryness, wrinkles, etc., which can cause various kinds of photodermatosis, skin cancer and so on.

When the weather is cool in autumn, many people like to go outdoors or travel. The sunshine in autumn is not as strong as that in summer, so many people relax their sunscreen. Qujing reminds us that 90% of ultraviolet rays can penetrate the clouds, so sunscreen is not only a homework in hot and sunny summers, but also not a patent for women. Whether its sunny or cloudy all the year round, people of all ages and men need to do a good job of sunscreen when they are outdoors.

Sunscreen is the best combination of hard and soft, in order to achieve good results. Qujing introduced that hard sunscreen mainly refers to the use of sunscreen umbrella, sunscreen cap, sunscreen clothing, sunglasses and other protective devices to isolate skin from ultraviolet exposure; soft sunscreen refers to the use of sunscreen, Sunscreen Spray and other skin sunscreen work. SPF30 sunscreen can be used in daily life. If you travel to places with strong sunshine, especially to seashore and plateau, you should choose SPF50 sunscreen.

Source: Peoples Network Responsible Editor: Qiangshuwen_NJ7449