* ST Xinweis stock price remained 1.41 yuan after opening a series of falls and stops.

 * ST Xinweis stock price remained 1.41 yuan after opening a series of falls and stops.

ST Xinwei nearly 4 million hands drop a single envelope: shareholders and shareholders play fast

Netease Finance & Economics News?? The * ST Credit of the recently staged floor opened the floor on September 10 after 43 consecutive stops, which may be the longest in the history of A shares. The price of the floor opened at 1.62 yuan per share and ended at 1.79 yuan per share.

On September 11, * ST Xinwei opened at 1.75 yuan per share. After a period of upstream trading, it turned its head downward. At noon trading, it dropped again to 1.70 yuan per share. It was close to closing and finally closed at 1.71 yuan per share. It opened at 1.72 yuan, up 0.58%.

Can retail investors buy at the bottom of the bargain after the continuous decline of ST Credit has been opened? From the historical data, many stocks that have been falling and stopping for a long time even after the opening of the market perform very generally, such as Chongqing Beer, Yiyang Xintong, Shenfog Energy Conservation and so on.

Chongqing beer

Yiyang Communications

Magic fog energy saving

Xinwei Groups surprise: the mysterious person who hides huge debts cashes out

This is a survey report of three monthsexperience in NetEase, which has traveled through Cambodia, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. The main body of the survey is Xinwei Group (600485. SH) of domestic A-share listed companies. Xinwei Group is controlled by Wang Jing, a mysterious businessman who brought Cambodian telecommunications business to the bankrupt company in 2010, quickly turned its losses into profits, and successfully backed up in 2014. Since Cambodia, the overseas public network business of Shinwei Group has expanded to Ukraine, Russia, Tanzania, Nicaragua and other countries, with related sales revenue accounting for more than 90% of the companys total annual revenue. However, the financial and economic survey of Netease found that there are many doubts behind the brilliant performance of Xinwei Group. On behalf of Cambodia, the local partner of Sinwei Group, Cambodia Sinwei, is alleged to be an overseas subsidiary of Sinwei Group, which has huge debts due to poor operation. The guarantors of these liabilities, without exception, are Credit Group and its subsidiaries. This has laid a huge risk for Xinwei Group. Behind the risk, Netease Finance found that some of the mysterious shareholders of Xinwei Group have cashed in huge wealth by reducing their holdings.