81-year-old Oscar winner Jane Fondaine was arrested for illegal demonstration

 81-year-old Oscar winner Jane Fondaine was arrested for illegal demonstration

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Oscar winner Jane Fonda was arrested (source: Netease Entertainment)

Netease Entertainment reported Oct. 12 that on Friday, 81-year-old Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda was arrested for illegal demonstrations after protesting against climate change at the U.S. Capitol. Previously, she wrote on her personal website: The incredible campaign launched by our young people inspired me and gave me courage.

It is reported that Jane Fonda had long expected to be arrested. In an interview before her arrest, she said she had recently moved to Washington to take more active action on climate change. Jane Fonda even planned to go to the steps of Congress for the next 14 Fridays to express her protests in the same way, and she was ready to be taken away every time. This time, it was the third time that she had been arrested.

It is understood that in the 44th and 52nd Oscars, Jane Fonda won the Golden Award for Best Actress for The Killer King of Flower Street and Honorable Return. In addition, she has won three Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress, two British Film Academy Awards for Best Actress and 36th Emmy Awards for Best Actress.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Ma Wenjing_NBJS9027