Wuxi has taken compulsory measures to establish an investigation team for several accident-related personnel

 Wuxi has taken compulsory measures to establish an investigation team for several accident-related personnel

Today (October 12) afternoon, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Information Office of the Wuxi Municipal Peoples Government that after the serious road traffic accident of 10?10 crossing the bridge on 312 National Highway Xigang Road, Wuxi City quickly established a traffic accident investigation team, consisting of a comprehensive group, a management group and a technical group, and invited five experts to conduct a comprehensive accident investigation.

On October 11, the accident investigation was officially launched. The investigation team conducted an advance investigation on the owner, the vehicle causing the accident, the loading situation, the overturned and compressed vehicle on the bridge deck, the overturned vehicle on the bridge deck, the transport company and the unit of the cargo loading terminal, and took compulsory measures according to law for the driver, the owner, the legal representative of the transport enterprise and the main person in charge and the administrator of the cargo loading terminal. The expert group hired by the investigation team collected 9 kinds of relevant data of accident bridges and adjacent two bridges, and carried out technical level analysis. After synthesizing the relevant information of all parties, the expert group will make further analysis and judgment on the cause of the accident, and finally form a technical analysis report.

At the same time, the investigation team is collecting laws, regulations and information related to accidents, analyzing the progress of investigation based on technical reasons, and conducting in-depth investigation on the causes and responsibilities of accident-related management levels.

On October 10, the rollover accident of Wuxi viaduct caused widespread concern. This is a very busy main road in Wuxi, but at this time, in addition to the busy workers, the road is relatively calm, the scene is more of a roar of machines. The broken bridge deck rolled over at the scene has disappeared because the wet road surface is slippery.

The death of a single father in the Wuxi accident: A 16-year-old daughter has been crying about people cheating on her

Among the three vehicles that were crushed by the Wuxi viaduct accident, the white car was the most seriously damaged. The victim was a single father from Deyang, Sichuan. One resident recalled, I was impressed by a very kind person who cried all the time when the child knew the news and said we were cheating on her. Mr. and Mr. Wang know a good friend couple for more than ten years, red-eyed, said, People are very good, one good old man. For so many years, he lived in Wuxi with his daughter. The section of Xigang Road that happened was the only way for him to go home. The little girl is pitiful enough. Now shes left with herself.