The film Quick Escape officially released deadly threat time-limited rescue

 The film Quick Escape officially released deadly threat time-limited rescue

As a highly anticipated suspense masterpiece, high-energy constantly reverses the plot, so that you have no chance to breathe. In the film, Carl and his children are in danger because of a mysterious phone call. The car must keep running at high speed and not stop, otherwise it will detonate the bomb under the seat. With the deepening of the police investigation, the truth of the matter is not so simple, Who is the murderer? the answer has been overturned again and again, the story goes beyond everyones expectations, less than the last second, never know the end.

Playing in Closed Space to Create Immersive Movie-watching Experience

In the pre-exposure announcement, time-limited rescue as a major focus of the film, brings a full sense of urgency for the development of the plot. Carl must find out the behind-the-scenes mastermind of the whole event in a limited time to solve the mystery in order to escape from the car, otherwise there will be a dead end. The game of solving puzzles every minute, balancing suspense, brainstorming, crime and other elements perfectly, and developing the complicated plot can not help but make people feel nervous. How can Carl survive in danger? Who is behind this? All this will be known only after watching the film.

Deep in the emotional test can be called the salvation edition of speed of life and death

In addition to the interlocking plot, the movie also needs the emotional interweaving under the suspense. Facing the sudden fatal threat, Carl is deeply in the dilemma of family and love. On the one hand, his childrens fate, on the other hand, his wifes suspicion, seemingly a small decision. When the butterfly flaps its wings, it completely triggers a series of irremediable consequences. The deep-seated discussion of emotion in Quick Escape is also the films profound and unique inside wrapped in a suspense coat. Therefore, it is also known as the redemption version of speed of life and death.

The film Quick Escape was officially released on October 12.

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