President of BT: It will take seven years to remove Huawei devices from the 4G network completely

 President of BT: It will take seven years to remove Huawei devices from the 4G network completely

By 2016, BT had purchased EE, another British telecommunications company, for 12.5 billion, which failed to fulfil its commitment because its 3G and 4G networks were equipped with Huawei devices. Because of Huawei devices, EE launched the first UK 4G network.

Since BT acquired EE, the company has removed most of the old equipment inherited from the 3G network.

But last December, following the U.S. step of putting Huawei on the entity list, BT re-mentioned security issues and excluded Huawei from the bidding list for its core 5G network equipment supply contract. In the future, the company will only use Huawei equipment, such as antenna tower-related equipment, which it considers less important in the network.

In March this year, the European Commission announced a legal proposal on 5G network security, which does not include a ban on Huawei, a Chinese equipment supplier.

According to Reuters, the European Commission said it hoped to use the existing EU security rules and cross-border cooperation to allow EU countries to decide whether to ban companies from participating in 5G construction on the grounds of national security.

At that time, Huawei issued a statement saying it welcomed the objective and balanced approach taken by the European Commission and understood the concerns of European regulators about network security.

According to the Washington Post, the introduction of the security proposal is clearly a setback for the United States, as the Trump administration has been lobbying European allies to boycott Huawei on the grounds of security threats.

On the 10th of this month, after 28 EU countries completed their 5G network security assessment, the European Commission released the overall security risk assessment report, which also did not include the prohibition of Huawei and did not name Huawei as a so-called threat.

On the same day, BT President Philip Jansen admitted that it would take seven years to remove Huaweis core network equipment from British telecommunications infrastructure, according to the Irish News.

Source: Observer Network Responsible Editor: Yang Bin_NF4368