Escape Driver in Wuxi Elevated Rollover Accident: The rear legs of jumping are soft

 Escape Driver in Wuxi Elevated Rollover Accident: The rear legs of jumping are soft

Wuxi Elevated Flip Escape Driver: The back legs of jumping are soft (Source: Netease Video)

[Wuxi Elevated Rollover Escape Driver: The hind legs of jumping are soft] On October 10, the bridge deck rollover occurred on 312 National Road and Xigang Road in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. A driver on an electric tricycle braked when the bridge landed and jumped to escape. Tricycle driver Liu Jianjun was interviewed by the media on November 11. He said he was on his way to deliver the goods and jumped when he saw the side of the bridge rolled over, and his legs were soft after a few steps. The crowd gathered around heard of the lucky boy and said he had a big life.

Relatives and friends of Wuxi overload truck driver: he knows the danger of overload, but he has to support his family

At about 18 oclock on October 10, the overturning of the bridge deck on Xigang Road in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, resulted in 3 deaths and 2 injuries. The accident was caused by overloading of transport vehicles. Wang Mou, a truck driver involved, was seriously injured and hospitalized. On the 12th, his relatives and friends told Emergency Call that he had been driving for about 10 years and had been turned around because of his poor health. Later, because the route from Jiangyin to Wuxi was short and fixed, he became a truck driver again. Wangs relatives and friends said that truck drivers usually go on the road at night, and they also know the danger of overloading, but how much goods they pull is decided by their bosses. In order to support their families and earn more money, they run at risk of overloading.