Vehicle Drivers Comment on Wuxi Elevated Side Turn Case: Overloading Can Make Two Times to Make Money

 Vehicle Drivers Comment on Wuxi Elevated Side Turn Case: Overloading Can Make Two Times to Make Money

Truck drivers, this group may be many people have not touched, but their existence is closely related to our lives.

There are 30 million truck drivers and 13.6862 million trucks in China. This is a huge group. According to the statistical bulletin of national economic and social development in 2018, truck drivers accounted for 76.8% of Chinas total freight volume. To measure this figure, 100 million tons is the most appropriate unit. The hero of this article is several truck drivers.

Its incredible that trucks can collapse viaducts. Zhao Xing (pseudonym) sitting in the deputy drivers seat saw the news of the bridge rollover accident in Wuxi from his mobile phone, and his heart clucked. On the same night on October 10, he and Kayou just left Suzhou for Shenzhen. That night, Zhao Xing also received a message from his logistics company, which roughly stated that serious overload on the road, pay attention to safety.

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Zhao Xing is a truck driver of Shenzhen Logistics Company. He specializes in transporting electronic products. Short-distance transportation is not easy to do, and earning money is not reliable. Zhao Xing told the Daily Economic Journalist that if goods were loaded according to the standard of truck load, they would not earn much money. Only if they were loaded more, they would earn some money, but they would have to risk overloading.

Hu Hui (a pseudonym) who is also engaged in the freight industry with Zhaoxing is a self-employed individual. When he saw the news of the bridge overturn accident in Wuxi, he had just finished more than ten dayswork and returned home dusty and dusty. I didnt want to do it. I was terrified to see it. Although he did not pass through the section, Hu Hui still had a lingering palpitation. I usually work alone, in case anything happens, nobody knows.

The overturning accident of Wuxi bridge affects tens of millions of Zhao Xingren hearts. Everyone pays much attention to the causes of the accident. In the early morning of October 11, Wuxi Publishing official micro-notification of Wuxi overpass bridge rollover accident, after preliminary analysis, overturn of overpass bridge is caused by overload of transport vehicles.

The phenomenon of overloading of trucks is more common, and there have been many100-ton Kingincidents exposed on the network before, but still can not avoid the occurrence of truck accidents. This is related to the truck drivers attempt to overload and the lax road supervision. An expert in the commercial vehicle industry said in an interview with the Daily Economic Journalist.

Have to overload in order to make money

From the distance point of view, the transport work of truck drivers can be divided into long-distance transport and short-distance transport. Among them, the distance of short-distance transportation is less than 200 km, and overloading often occurs in short-distance transportation. There are many overloads in short-distance transportation, mainly related to transportation price and road supervision. Zhao Xing said that long-distance transport and short-distance transport are calculated in different ways. Long-distance transport is mainly calculated by kilometers, while short-distance transport is mainly calculated by tons of goods.

Zhao Xing, for example, said that the 6 *4 traction three-axle trailer is a commonly used type of freight transport. Its standard load weight is 49 tons. According to the freight rate of 200 yuan/ton, the freight cost of one-way short-distance transportation is about 9,800 yuan, but if it is overloaded to 100 tons, the freight cost of one-way short-distance transportation is about 20,000 yuan, which is more than 10,000 yuan of the normal standard freight.

Zhao Xing told reporters, Freight trucks overloaded to 100 tons are very common. Due to the temptation to make money, most drivers will choose to take risks.

Behind the frequent overloading, is the survival status of truck drivers drifting. A person sleeps in the car, a person eats in the car, as long as there is no limit, I and the car are almost on the road. Hu Hui, who has been engaged in freight business for 18 years, told reporters that after a brief reunion with his wife and children, he would leave Changchun for Guangzhou, which would take at least half a month.

Hu Hui stayed awake all night after the overpass rollover accident in Wuxi, and has been paying attention to the latest developments. In the early morning of October 11, the official of Wuxi Publishing released the latest news, which showed that after on-site search and rescue confirmation, three people were killed and two injured in the overturning accident of Wuxi overpass bridge. After preliminary analysis, the overturning of overpass bridge was caused by overloading of transport vehicles.

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Hu Hui, who saw the latest news about the rollover accident of Wuxi overpass bridge, decided to switch to another line of business at the end of this year and stop cargo work. I dont want to do it for a long time. Every time I set out, its unknown. Its not profitable to do freight. Its hard to sell my car. If I continue to do it, I may lose money.

Unlike Zhao Xing, who works as a driver in a logistics company, Hu Hui buys cars and delivers them by himself, mainly delivering cars. According to Hu Hui, the price of his own freight is mainly calculated according to the number of vehicles loaded. Before the reform of the relevant regulations of road transportation, his car can be loaded in double rows of 14 cars. After the reform, only 8 cars can be loaded, and the total freight is almost halved. From Changchun to Guangzhou, the freight rate of each vehicle is 2100 yuan, 8 vehicles are about 168,000 yuan. Apart from the cost of fuel, toll and tire replacement, we can only earn more than 4000 yuan. Hu Hui said.

Looking back on 18 years of freight transport experience, Hu Hui confessed to reporters that three to four years to change the car, while running freight, while repaying the car loan, the last car loan has just been repaid, and should buy a new car, on the road conditions and unexpected emergencies are difficult to predict, so family members are always afraid.

Expert: Bridges with load-bearing caps need to be marked with restrictions

The driver of the freight car loaded with steel coils who crossed the bridge from Wuxi may never have imagined such serious consequences as the usual overload cargo transportation.

If the actual load of the vehicle exceeds the ultimate load capacity of the viaduct, coupled with the resonance generated during the driving process of the vehicle, it is likely to cause the overturning accident of the overpass bridge. In an interview with the Daily Economic News, an unnamed automotive engineer believed that the total responsibility for the rollover of Wuxi overpass bridge should be attributed to twice the vehicles overweight. This could only be determined by calculating the rated load and limit load standard set by the collapsed viaduct in Wuxi, the vehicles load and the resonance frequency generated by driving.

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According to the analysis of the unnamed automobile engineer, if the overturning accident of Wuxi overpass bridge is caused by vehicle overload, it means that the bridge has the problem of ultimate bearing capacity, and the load and height of the vehicle on the bridge should be limited, and the restriction mark should be set.

However, according to the photos of the accident scene published on the internet, there is no weight limit and height limit sign for the overpass bridge in Wuxi. In fact, as early as two years ago, Wuxi citizens raised concerns about the existence of unrestricted overweight vehicles crossing Wuxi National Highway 312, and appealed to relevant departments to arrange duty personnel at the elevated entrance to prevent pedestrians, non-motorized vehicles and trucks from getting on the elevated road.

Whether the bridge or the road, in the absence of overload vehicle restriction signs, it proves that the bridge and the section of the vehicle overload capacity is not a problem, can be normal driving. Professor Wang Jian, School of Transportation, Chongqing Jiaotong University, told reporters.

The hidden danger of overloading should be stopped from the source

Vehicle overload is initially defined as the main cause of the overpass rollover accident in Wuxi. Many people think that this kind of illegal loading is a kind of terrible overload.

In Wang Jians opinion, it is inconceivable that the actual load of a truck carrying goods exceeds twice the vehicle load. There are great potential safety hazards for such vehicles to go on the road or bridge.

The above-mentioned unnamed automobile engineer told reporters that there are two standards for vehicle carrying capacity, one is rated loading capacity, the other is the ultimate carrying capacity. As long as the load does not exceed the vehicles ultimate carrying capacity, it is very likely that the overload will be twice the approved load.

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Then, how many times the maximum load-carrying capacity of a car is rated load-carrying capacity before it can be called the ultimate load-carrying capacity? The above-mentioned automotive engineers, who do not want to be named, said that the ultimate load capacity of vehicles should be calculated with the production enterprises, truck models, number of axles and single axle load vehicles.

In April of this year, the Ministry of Transport issued a statement that by the end of 2020, all the entrances of closed expressway toll stations in China will have completed the construction of inspection facilities and installation of equipment, and the entrance weighing test will be implemented in an all-round way. The average illegal overload rate of trucks on expressways in all provinces (districts and cities) will not exceed 0.5%.

The Ministry of Transport has suggested that severe overload be sentenced

According to the current traffic violation scoring system, if the quality of goods carried by a driving truck exceeds the approved load and is less than 30%, it will be scored three points at a time; if the quality of goods carried by a driving truck exceeds 30% of the approved load or if passengers violate the regulations, it will be scored six points at a time. From the above content, 30% overload is generally considered to be a red line to distinguish different levels of overload. If the overload exceeds 30%, the penalty will be more severe.

In view of the reasons why the phenomenon of overload is still difficult to completely prohibit, Shen Lijun, president of the Institute of Information Technology of City Zhihang, in an interview with reporters, said that although various schemes have been put forward to control the phenomenon of overload, it involves many interests after all, and the situation varies greatly from place to place. In some places, especially in the provinces where resources are exported, land transportation is the main mode of export, which also leads to transportation. Because of the high cost, drivers and enterprises will have a strong impulse to control the cost and make profits. It is very difficult for local governments to ban it completely.

Shen Lijun said that to solve the problem of overload from the source, the most important thing is to improve and adjust the vehicle toll collection and measurement standards, modify road tolls and other measures, reduce transport costs, optimize transport structure, so as to cure the root cause.

The reporter also noted that prior to this, the functional departments also suggested that the relevant parties could consider entering the penalty for serious overloading, and strive to zero tolerance for serious overloaded vehicles running on all kinds of roads.

For example, at the end of 2016, at the 25th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National Peoples Congress, the head of the Ministry of Transport said in response to the inquiry that it was proposed to impose a penalty on the illegal transport of trucks with serious overload and overload, so as to increase the cost of illegal transportation. Referring to the successful experience of foreign countries and the effectiveness of domestic regulation of drunk driving, it is suggested that we should speed up research and promote the inclusion of serious overload and illegal transport of trucks in the category of dangerous driving crime, investigate the criminal responsibility of relevant personnel, increase the cost of illegal activities, form a strong deterrent force, and curb serious overload and illegal activities.

At 6:00 p.m. on October 11, Hu Hui put instant noodles, rice cookers and other necessities into the car, loaded up the goods, and set off again.

On October 12, Wuxi New Media Network, sponsored by Wuxi Daily Newspaper Group, announced that up to now, all Wuxi expressway toll station entrances including Wuxi East, Wuxi West, Wuxi North, Yuqi, Nanquan and other anti-overweight detection system facilities have been installed and have met the conditions for use. In the future, before high-speed trucks in Wuxi, they should first go to the `refuse to exceed the Scalefor testing, so that their loads can pass through the jacks if they are qualified.

Source: Daily Economic News Author: Li Xing, Zhang Bei, Li Keyu, Editor-in-Charge: Su Hong-hung_NBJ9980