Huawei released Hongmeng mobile phone on 17th? Hongmeng will not be used in mobile phone products during the year

 Huawei released Hongmeng mobile phone on 17th? Hongmeng will not be used in mobile phone products during the year

It was reported this morning that after the Mate30 series, Huawei Mobile will launch a more innovative full-screen mobile phone on October 17, with the possibility of carrying the Hongmeng system. First financial reporter learned from Huawei insiders that the news is not true.

All the statements about Hong Meng are speculations. The person told reporters that building an HMS ecosystem is a top priority for Huawei. This year, the Hongmeng system will not be used in mobile phone products.

Huawei officials did not respond to the news.

The first Hongmeng mobile phone may be the P40

In the morning of the 12th, a promotional poster from Huawei mobile phone showed that Huawei will release a mobile phone product on the 17th of this month. There is speculation that this mobile phone may be equipped with Hongmeng system.

The source of the news is this poster, which should be an invitation letter for Huaweis overseas conference and the release of Huaweis nova5T series products. The expressions about Hongmeng on the Internet are all speculations. Huawei insiders told First Financial Journalist that at present, the news that Hongmeng system is used in mobile phone products is basically untrue.

Huaweis head of consumer business has commented on the release time of Hongmeng mobile phone.

At an IFA 2019 press conference in September, Yu Chengdong, Huaweis consumer business CEO, said that the Hongmeng system was ready to be used on smartphones, but that relevant decisions and cooperation should still be taken into account. In the end, if we cant use Google services, we will use our own Hongmeng system. And the first mobile phone using the Hongmeng system will probably be the P40 next year. Yu Chengdong said.

It is reported that the P series is Huaweis flagship product model, the official release time at home and abroad is March every year.

In a previous interview, Yu Chengdong told First Financial Journalist that Hongmeng version 2.0 would be launched next year and 3.0 would be released the following year.

Hongmengs Ecological Struggle

In August this year, Huawei officially unveiled the last veil for Hongmeng in Dongguan. Yu Chengdong said that this is the first full-scale distributed OS based on micro-kernels in the world. Its English name is harmony. It is a future-oriented operating system.

Hongmeng OS can be used in watches, bracelets, people ask me if I can use mobile phones, I can use it at any time, in order to consider ecological reasons, give priority to using Android, if Android can not be used, you can use Hongmeng at any time, Hongmeng OS has better performance and security than Android distributed capabilities and full-scene capabilities. Yu Chengdong said that we have moved from Android Ecology to Hongmeng. The development work is very, very small and can be completed in two days, because Hongmeng can achieve compatibility.

Asked about his confidence in Hong Meng, Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, said in a recent interview, It shouldnt take two to three years. As a leader, we should keep our voice a little bit. We shouldnt push the people below too hard, but it doesnt take so long for Huawei. Ren Zhengfei also believes that Trump is the driving force for Huaweis reform, because Huawei really felt the threat of survival when it was hit by Trump, and Huawei has rejuvenated its youth this year.

According to the reporters understanding, Hongmengs system is still perfect. There are many codes of different open source communities in the system, including Android Open Source Community. However, in the EMUI system architecture diagram, many technologies have been replaced by Huaweis self-developed products.

But for Huawei, the pressures now lie in ecology. Huawei is investing in promoting HMS ecology and encouraging non-Google but GMSCORE-related applications to be put on the HMS shelves.

Every year terminal shipments of 300 million to 400 million terminal sales, mobile phones have more than 200 million, compared with other manufacturers, we have the advantage of creating an ecosystem. Yu Chengdong said that the original plan was to be released next spring (Hongmeng), but now he can only force himself to give full play to his ability. Hongmeng currently invests about 4,000 R&D personnel in close to 5,000 people.

Huawei officials have not yet responded to the launch date of the Hongmeng system on mobile phones.

Source: First Financial Responsibility Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056