The 3rd Anniversary of Hand Tour of Powerful Dance Troupe Brilliant and Cool Golden Autumn Gift Bags

 The 3rd Anniversary of Hand Tour of Powerful Dance Troupe Brilliant and Cool Golden Autumn Gift Bags

The autumn wind is bleak and fruitful. The Tour of Jin Dance Troupe has opened a new golden autumn activity to find the golden autumn collector in AU world. During the campaign, you will be invited to participate in such wonderful links as My Show, Golden Autumn Dance and Golden Autumn Hot Spring. Now you can collect the materials of the campaign Golden Autumn Seal and get a brand-new and lovely series of clothes!

The golden autumn is the best time to shine new eggshells. Tarot Hermit series of new clothes mainly adopt platinum and light blue as the main tone, wings are divided into inside and outside two layers, a hidden one, showing immortal jade. The sea-blue bikini of the womens dress combines with the front split yarn skirt, which is bright and beautiful, and the black crown highlights the mysterious temperament of the characters.

Tarot Hermits mens clothing combines Gothic and palace styles. The cape on the shoulder is decorated with Tassels and shoulder chains, elegant and noble. The star-shaped and diamond-shaped jewels on the wings are impressive, and the purple ribbon flying at the tail is extraordinary.

New Clothes for Hand Tour in Strength Dance Troupe [Baby Cat] (Female)

In the warm and quiet autumn, there should also be new clothes with soft budding style as companions. The new series of clothes are in the style of home pajamas, full of comfort and comfort. The pink shirt of womens dress and the black cattail behind her add a touch of loveliness to the second-time goddess and the cats ear parts on her head.

New Clothes for Hand Tour in Strength Dance Troupe [Baby Cat] (Male)

The red Pentacle pajamas of the mens clothes are dazzling, and the black cat-eared cap jacket with V-collar lining is full of laziness. This time, Baby Cat also has amazing new expressions. The mens expressions use dark red eyeliner with smoke eye makeup, while the womens expressions use pure naked makeup combined with Japanese blush. Their dark green pupils are as clear as gemstones.

New Clothes for Hand Tour in Jin Dance Troupe [Fresh and Langyi] (Female)

New Clothes for Hand Tour in Strength Dance Troupe [Fresh and Langyi] (Male)

The mens clothing is a loose-fitting T-shirt. The camouflage pants set off the youth of the characters vividly and vividly, and the fashion style of stockings and sports shoes is full.

New Hand Tour Jewelry of Strength Dance Troupe [Transparent Umbrella

In addition to the new clothes mentioned above, this Powerful Dance Troupe tour also brings you two new jewelry with different styles. The surface of the umbrella is decorated with small and delicate cat ears, and the little white flowers floating around correspond to the light yellow border. The small and fresh breath is outstanding.

A New Hand Tour Ornament of Strength Dance Troupe [Colorful Ice Cream)

The appearance of the new jewelry is ice-cream in cups, sandwich chocolate bars, waffles and fresh strawberries, and snacks such as random popping candy are full of fun.

Golden Autumn Dance Competition, the traditional dynamic gathered in the hall! More exciting game information and welfare activities, please pay attention to the official micro-signal (jwtsy163) of the Powerful Dance Troupe Tour, participate in interactive and luxurious benefits. The only genuine version of the Powerful Dance Troupe Tour is now officially launched on the whole platform. Apple Android is playing with the same clothes, and novelty activities are waiting for your participation. Download the game immediately on the official website (

About the Hand Tour of Dance Troupe

2019, open a new posture of changeable photography! The third anniversary of Dance Troupe new documentary Hot Spring of Love is now on the line, romantic wish pool, a new method of changing studio, and so on. The only genuine hand tour of Jindan Troupe is the next generation of voice and Dance Tour developed by Jiuyou and represented by Netease. It inherits the core play method and social experience of end-to-end tour by magical popular music library and fashion dance, and brings the most extreme music and dance enjoyment to the players.

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