Dream Collection 2 exhibition CICF site review of the theme of the National Style Expo unique

 Dream Collection 2 exhibition CICF site review of the theme of the National Style Expo unique

After the launch of CICF animation, players have been waiting for a long time to go to the Dream Collection 2 booth for the first time. Although it hasnt been tested yet, the game attracts a large number of subscribers with the love of IP fans and the novel art style. We welcome them with the explosion of COSER, the exquisite surroundings, and the interesting interactive games which have been praised by the players many times.

COSER Fairy Face Value, Photographers Memory Full

Shens restored COSPLAY is the traditional artistic ability of every diffusion of Dream Collection 2, and this CICF Guangzhou Animation Game Festival is no exception. The double protagonists of the New Polar Regions once became the focus of the exhibition. Whether players or photographers, they took photos around two COSERs one after another, or even detonated memory for a time!

Yan Yifu, Performing into the Drama

The wilderness outside the New Pole is full of danger. Two protagonists, COSER, walk side by side with weapons, constantly explore unknown areas. The performances of COSER truly restore the game experience of players in the game and win the audiences spectator and photo memorial. COSER also enthusiastically take pictures with players, which is the most lovely scene.

Interaction is rewarded and fun is better.

Dream Collection 2 also set up a balanced game link in the CICF Guangzhou Animation Game Festival. Players in the elaborate metal labyrinth, through the circle groping forward, successfully reaching the end point, they can harvest the gifts around them. A little brothers cautious appearance makes the audience around them hold their breath, as if they were in the wasteland outside the New Pole, and after getting around, they are again excited. Come on.

Players are queuing up to try.

Explore Happiness, Happy Holiday! Perfect World Games first national style Cyber Tour Dream Collection 2 debuted at CICF Animation Game Festival Guangzhou Station! New information will soon be released, like the player to book soon look forward to it!

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