2019 Excellent Game Competition (14th Golden Ling Award) website officially online voting while opening the Mystery Award waiting for you to win

 2019 Excellent Game Competition (14th Golden Ling Award) website officially online voting while opening the Mystery Award waiting for you to win

Since its establishment, the Golden Ling Award has been praised as the Academy Award of Game Industry, which can be regarded as the most authoritative, large-scale and media-focused game selection activities in Chinas game industry. The results of the evaluation are objective and representative, and have tremendous market orientation and influence. The current Jinling Award opens online voting at 12 noon on October 9. As of 12 noon on November 13, public votes will be held for game products, game manufacturers and game media to participate in the evaluation, and the number of votes of the leading players will be awarded. We hope that the vast number of players will vote for their own excellent games and media.

1. Award Setting

Award Category Award Setting

Online Game Class

Playersfavorite online games

PlayersMost Expected Online Games

Best Original Online Game

Best Overseas Online Games

Mobile Game Class

Players Favorite Mobile Single-player Game

Playersfavorite mobile online games

Players Favorite H5 Game

PlayersMost Expected Mobile Stand-alone Game

PlayersMost Expected Mobile Online Games

Best Original Mobile Game

Best Overseas Mobile Game

Best Mobile Game

Best Quadratic Mobile Game

Most influential mobile game publishers

The Most Influential Mobile Game Channel Provider

Game media

PlayersFavorite Game Comprehensive Media

Playersfavorite excellent game media

Week 1: The first round of the knockout tournament from 9 October to 16 October

All games with fewer than 200 votes (excluding 200 votes) were disqualified at 12 noon on October 16.

Week 2: The second round of the elimination tournament from October 16 to October 23

All games with fewer than 500 votes (excluding 500 votes) were disqualified at 12 noon on October 23.

Week 3: 23 October - 30 October, free voting period

Week 4: 30 October-6 November, free voting period

Week 5: 6 November - 13 November 12 noon, the end of free voting

3. voting platform: Alipay mobile APP

Log in to Alipay, use the sweep function to vote in the golden Ling Awards official website. The voting number of each Alipay account is up to 500 votes, which can vote for the same or multiple games / platforms / media. The more voting times, the higher the chance of winning the prize, and the prizes are randomly selected at the same level. The results of the lottery can be tracked to the list published every Wednesday by the Weibo public name @Chinajoy sub-cooker, or visit the Jinling Award website to get the latest information in real time.

4. Simultaneous Activities: Forwarding Draw

Pay attention to the official micro-blog of Weibo public name @ChinaJoy sub-cooker @ChinaJoy to get more information and participate in online forwarding lottery activities. Get rid of non-EU right now!

For more details, please visit the official website of Jinling Award. You can also search the Weichat public subscription number ChinaJoy or scan the two-dimensional code to pay attention to the official Weichat public number of ChinaJoy.

Golden Ling Award Official Website

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