My job is to help girls find pinhole cameras in their bedrooms.

 My job is to help girls find pinhole cameras in their bedrooms.

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Shenzhen Longhua, an information security protection company.

By the time I arrived, the training on How to Prevent Photography had begun.

Training site

On the platform, he Zhihui is explaining the hiding rules of pinhole cameras to more than a dozen employees.

On the desktop is a row of camera artifacts: circuit boards, mobile phone charging plugs, Coca-Cola bottles, lighters, car keys, flashlights...

Every apparently normal object hides a pinhole camera or eavesdropper.

A pinhole camera is hidden in the red dot of a Coke bottle.

He also brought an interior decorative painting with the words sailing smoothly - decorations that almost every managers office would have.

Come and see, where is the camera?

Several employees rushed around, touched the picture with their hands, turned it over and over. Someone turned on the flashlight in his cell phone and illuminated it with light.

Theres a small hole in the glass frame!

He Zhi nodded.

Everyone was squatting in front of the decorative painting looking for a pinhole camera.

In fact, there are many places in this room where cameras can be hidden. He Zhihui reminds me. Up to the ceiling, down to the water dispenser, there may be hidden mysteries.

Nowadays, there is a flood of poaching, which is beyond prevention. He Zhihui concluded.

However, the Tao is one foot tall and the devil is one foot tall.

Over the past decade, He Zhihui and his testing team have been quietly competing with the camera madmen.

Ubiquitous pinhole camera

At present, He Zhihuis business is mainly divided into two parts.

One is to sell anti-theft equipment on the internet, and guide customers on-line detection; the other is to accept the clients entrustment to remove the eavesdropping and camera equipment on the door.

The Customer Service Commissioner is responding to a customers inquiry.

u2014u2014 To travel, do you have any recommendation of anti-hotel camera equipment?

u2014u2014 It always feels like a camera is installed at home. What should I do?

Every day, a variety of people come to buy equipment for a variety of reasons, and the situation detected is also varied.

A male customer detected a positioner placed by his wife under the seat:

Customer chart

Some people find that the charging treasure given by friends is actually a bug with positioning function:

Even female clients in bedroom dolls detected pinhole cameras:

Customer chart

In fact, this is not uncommon. A female client once consulted customer service, saying that she knew everything she did at home, and her ex-boyfriend suspected that the house was equipped with wiretaps and pinhole cameras.

Later, a test, as expected. The female client couldnt help shouting: Such a slag is really unfit to be a man!

The door test is the hard work of one person hiding, one hundred people searching.

Financial institutions and listed companies accounted for 70% of the clients who asked He Zhi to go to the door for inspection.

In the simulation test, He Zhi will use the node detector to scan the decoration on the office wall.

The remaining 30% of business comes from individual customers.

People with cars are most afraid of positioners. Many customers will come directly in their cars and let Ho Zhi check.

He Zhi found eight locators in the same car at the highest record time.

Some of these small ambushes hidden in private cars are for the purpose of obtaining trade secrets, and some are for the purpose of obtaining evidence in emotional disputes.

Of course, there is another case, is the second-hand car owner checking positioner.

Some original owners keep spare keys. After all, the used car you bought doesnt want to be stolen someday.

About a centimeter pinhole camera.

If you go to the house to test, then the pinhole camera is the focus of inspection.

He Zhihui found three cameras when he came to the customer to check. Theres a clock, a lamp, and a ceiling sandwich.

The motives behind them are also different. After a couple separates, one of them installs it in order to collect evidence of derailment, and the other installs it in order to retaliate after a breakup.

In recent years, more and more cases of pinhole cameras have been found in rental houses. Some are left by former tenants intentionally, and some are maliciously installed by bad landlords...

Pinhole camera installed in air outlet of air conditioner. Map Source/Respondent Supplies

Apart from rental houses, public places such as hotels, residential accommodations, shopping malls and fitting rooms are also hard hit areas by pinhole cameras.

According to Ho Zhi, its not new for hotels to take photos nowadays - many of the camera devices are left behind by the last tenant, which is very defensive.

But even so, such places are not suitable for door-to-door testing.

One is that people are too mobile to be tested every day. In addition, for the sake of reputation and cost, the other party will not ask us to go to the door for testing, but will only buy some equipment to check themselves.

He Zhi will check the bathroom of a star-rated hotel in Shenzhen.

In fact, only about 20% of all door-to-door inspections actually have theft equipment.

But for Ho Zhihui, every time he puts on white gloves and opens a black trailer, it means a 100% hard battle.

In his words, Anti-theft is a game between a fox and a hunter.

In analog testing, He Zhi will be assembling testing equipment.

And what if it does?

The usual way to deal with it is to let the customer adjust the monitoring to see who actually put it, and then call the police.

In fact, many times the customer already knows whats going on.

Private detective stealing

Over the years, dealing with stealing secrets has helped Ho Zhi develop an indelible professional habit.

Every time he went to a new place, he would unconsciously observe, See what places are suitable for stealing equipment;

If a customer smokes an electronic cigarette in front of him, he can stare at the pipe for half a day.

Sometimes, experience comes even from his pre-career experience as a private detective who roamed the grey area before becoming an anti-theft expert.

He Zhi Hui

That was 2005. He Zhihui decided to go south to Shenzhen to try his luck after he retired from the army. On the newspapers recruitment page, he saw the advertisement of private detective agencies for investigators. Without much thought, he went into the business.

Those techniques are too pediatric for me.

With his experience as a soldier and his natural interest in this line of work, He Zhi will soon find out the rules.

Many techniques can be used. For example, to determine whether a room is occupied, or whether the people inside have gone out, one way is to put ashes in the keyhole and judge by the traces of ashes. Another way is to clip a small advertisement under the vertical crack of the door to see if the paper has moved.

At that time, he always had several suits of clothes on his way out. The less he was dressed, the better he was.

After three or four months as an investigator, in 2005, He Zhi recruited troops to buy horses and decided to go out on his own. The company was named Jindun Investigation.

In 2005, the service category of Jindun Survey.

At that time, there were two kinds of main business of Jindun: one was to collect evidence of extramarital affairs, the other was to find someone.

The original matching survey of junior three, junior three survey of junior four, in order not to break up with his boyfriend and false pregnancy... There are all kinds of situations.

But He Zhihui never took the third party business from the male clients to verify, Once found out, men will generally fight with each other, and even have a tendency to commit crimes.

Women, on the other hand, are more about understanding. After knowing the truth, some people choose to forbear, while others hope to use the investigation evidence to make themselves more dominant in the property division.

He also saw countless betrayals after his trust was torn apart.

In order to investigate, the man also gave his wifes QQ and phone number to a pretty boy to let him go fishing for his wife.

He Zhihui did get a picture of his clients wife shopping and watching movies with Liangzi, but he stopped cooperating.

Its a thousand miles from the truth.

After seeing so many such things, he came to the conclusion that the truth is not necessarily the best in marriage.

In those years, the industry that roamed the grey area had not been explicitly prohibited by law, and detective companies of all sizes in Shenzhen were springing up like mushrooms.

He Zhihui didnt expect that his own business would be booming like that - a year later, Jindun survey opened a branch in Nanshan; every year, it would cost 200000 yuan to spend on newspaper advertising alone.

The future seems promising, but the crisis is quietly buried.

On August 31, 2009, He Zhi remembered that the sunshine was very good. He was very happy when he became a father soon. At that time, his brothers went out to do business, and he was the only one in the office.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, the police raided the door, checked all the computers in the office, and found five telephone records.

He Zhihui in his work.

That year, He Zhi entered the detention center on the charge of illegally obtaining personal information of citizens.

Until the lost couplet, the family did not know what he was doing.

When he was young, he Zhihui was quite like Sun Honglei. When his mother missed him, she went to the street of the county town to look for Sun Hongleis billboard and stood under it silently wiping her tears.

At that time, Conquest was still hot on TV. Mother thought that her son was caught doing the same thing as Liu Huaqiang, the elder gangster of the gang.

After seven months of imprisonment, the outside world has turned upside down.

On February 28, 2009, Crime of Illegally Obtaining Personal Information of Citizens was officially written into Amendment to the Criminal Law (7), and Shenzhens investigation companies closed down one after another, belonging to the golden age of private detectives, and gone forever.

Watch out for strange little black holes when you go out.

Since photography violates the law, I will do anti-photography?

The professional experience of private detectives makes Ho Zhi familiar with stealing routines.

After he was released from prison, he decided to do the opposite, using his hundreds of thousands of savings to develop anti-theft equipment.

In analog detection, He Zhi will check the screen.

Over the past decade, offense and defense seem to have escalated.

He met a less professional opponent, just buy some camouflage equipment like desk lamps, flower pots and so on.

Sometimes hiding is so weird that He Zhi would sigh: Today this place is a bit interesting, just like my previous level.

In the analog test, He Zhi will find a plug-in type eavesdropper installed in the plug-in board.

In fact, now the update iteration of secret devices is faster and faster, basically no one cant do it, only you cant think of it.

First, the equipment is getting smaller and smaller. Its much more pocket-sized than it was seven or eight years ago.

Second, technology is becoming more and more advanced. It used to be an analog signal, and the receiver had to be within 300 meters. Wifi wireless transmission is now used. That is to say, as long as you are photographed, your private life is a live broadcast, which can be watched all over the world.

Although the prevalence of photography is not comparable to that of Japan and South Korea, Ho Zhi will remind us that when you go out, youd better keep an eye on it.

Watch out for toilets when using public toilets. No matter how small the camera is, it will have a small hole.

Pinhole camera on toilet sink. Map Source/Network

On the escalator, the subway and the bus, you should pay attention to the people who intentionally approach.

Its bold to take a picture with a mobile phone. Some even hide their cameras on the tips of shoes and umbrellas.

You dont have to be a man to photograph you.

There are also women who steal photos of the same sex in public baths for profit. Be careful of people who still hold cell phones in the bathroom.

In the past, the driver of a net-appointed car smuggled a camera in the rearview mirror (as shown in the location), took pictures of female passengers and hung it in the live broadcasting room. Map Source/Respondent Supplies

How to prevent hotel rooms from being photographed in disaster areas? He Zhihui also provided some experience.

The key area of hotel anti-camera is around the bed. For example, desk lamps, decorations, flower pots, routers, televisions, and smoke alarms overhead.

The second area is the toilet. Ceiling sandwich, mirror and camouflage screw are the key points.

If you really cant check, turn on the lights as little as possible.

Because most of the pinhole cameras dont have night vision, the effect of taking pictures in dim light will be greatly reduced.

In a star hotel in Shenzhen, He Zhi will check the air outlet of central air conditioning (analog test) with a testing instrument.

Then watch out for strange little black holes.

Sometimes they disguise themselves as screw on a hanger hook, and sometimes they hide on a stool or ceiling.

He Zhi, who has completed the work, will drag the testing equipment out of the customers company.

There is no doubt that the enemy will only become more and more cunning.

Ill keep working. You know, even a cunning fox cant escape the hunters eyes.

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