Enhancing Mutual Benefit and Cooperation to Create a Better Future

 Enhancing Mutual Benefit and Cooperation to Create a Better Future

On the eve of President Xi Jinpings state visit to Nepal, slogans were warmly welcomed on the streets of the capital city of Kathmandu.

Photo by Zhao Yipu, reporter of our newspaper

On the eve of a state visit to Nepal, Xi Jinping, the president of the Gorkha, published a signed article entitled pushing the friendship across Himalaya to a new height in Nepals daily Nepal, Nepali Nepali and candy daily.

People from all walks of life interviewed by our reporter generally agreed that President Xi Jinping summed up the historical experience and fruitful achievements in the development of bilateral relations in the article, and pointed out the direction for the two countries to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields, which is an important guide for the development of Sino Nigerian relations in the new era. President Xi Jinpings visit is expected to be a complete success.

China has always been Nepals good friend, good neighbor and trustworthy good partner.

China and Nepal are linked by mountains and rivers and have been friendly for generations. President Xi Jinping pointed out in his signature article that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Nepal in 1955, the two countries have always respected, trusted and supported each other, and become a model of equal treatment, friendly cooperation and mutual benefit and win-win between neighboring countries.

President Xi Jinpings comments on the relations between the two countries have been highly valued by all sectors in Nepal. China has always been a good friend, neighbor and trustworthy partner of Nepal, Nepalese Prime Minister Oli told the newspaper. President Xi Jinpings visit to Nepal is a landmark historic visit and looks forward to further upgrading and expanding bilateral relations.

Nepal and China have a long history of friendly exchanges. The rich connotation of chairman Xi Jinpings signature article will lead the two countries relations to carry forward the future and carry forward the traditional friendship.

Prachanda, co-chairman of the CPN, told reporters: The CPC regards serving the people wholeheartedly as its fundamental purpose. Chairman Xi Jinpings experience in governing the country is very important to Nepal. Prachanda said he expects President Xi Jinpings visit to further expand and deepen the level of bilateral cooperation.

We are very honored to publish the signature article of President Xi Jinping, said the editor in chief of the new Nepali newspaper. This article is far-sighted, will greatly enrich the connotation of cooperation between the two countries, and will have an important impact on the development of Nepal-China relations.

Shilesta, executive editor-in-chief of the Gurka Daily, told reporters that in the 119-year history of the Gurka Daily, it was the first time that a signed article by the top foreign leaders had been published. We are very proud to have contributed to the friendship between Nepal and China.

China and Nepal are good partners for mutual benefit. Nepal is an important trade and development partner of China in South Asia. Last year, bilateral trade reached US$1.1 billion, and Chinas investment in Nepal exceeded US$300 million. Nepal is actively participating in the joint construction of one belt and one road. Both sides are building and upgrading infrastructure including roads, ports, airports, power stations, etc. A prototype of a cross-Himalayan communication network is emerging, which will not only facilitate the two countries, but also benefit the region.

Nepals Finance Minister Katiwada told our reporter that Nepal and China have increasingly frequent economic and trade exchanges, and Nepal hopes to become a window for China to connect to the South Asian market. Trans-Himalayan communication network will certainly promote Nepals economic development.

Karki, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Nepal, told our reporter: the one belt and one road initiative is a win-win road for promoting common development. This initiative will benefit countries along the way, including Nepal. The cooperation initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping in his signature article is exhilarating and will bring happiness to the two peoples. It also reflects that China attaches great importance to developing good-neighborly and friendly relations with neighboring countries and has made substantial contributions to the realization of common prosperity.

Shrestha, vice president of Himalaya airlines, a Sino Nigerian joint venture, said in an interview with our reporter that in the late October, Xi Hang will achieve direct flights between Kathmandu and Beijing. This is the concrete achievement of the one belt and one way jointly built by Nepal and will greatly enhance the international status of Nepal aviation and set up a crucial air corridor for Nepal and the world. President Xi Jinpings visit. We will further promote the construction of interconnection and exchange for the benefit of the people of Nepal, China and South Asia as a whole.

The belt and road initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping has great influence in Nepal. We must actively promote the joint development of the one belt and one road. The China Unicom network spanning Himalaya will surely break through the mountains and rivers and write a better future for interconnection between the two countries.

Building a belt and one way to make the two countries enjoy greater impetus to cultural exchanges and cooperation

President Xi Jinping emphasized in his signature article that we should expand cultural exchanges. The two sides should promote exchanges and cooperation in the fields of education, youth and tourism, support aviation enterprises of the two countries to open more direct flights and increase the scale of personnel exchanges.

Nepal is the first destination country for Chinese citizens in South Asia to travel abroad. At present, there are about 60 flights between the two countries every week, and more than 300,000 people visit each other every year. The two countries have concluded 11 pairs of friendly cities. Increasingly frequent exchanges have promoted mutual understanding between the two peoples and contributed to their respective development and progress.

Nepal-China Friendship Forum Chairman Sharma has been engaged in tourism for more than 20 years. After carefully reading Chairman Xi Jinpings signature article, he told our reporter that Nepal has abundant tourism resources and the tourism industry has solved the employment of tens of thousands of Nepalese. Chairman Xi Jinping pointed out in his signed article that China supports Nepal to host the Nepal Tourism Year 2020 and encourages more Chinese citizens to visit Nepal. This is a great encouragement for us. It will certainly lead to a new round of tourism fever in Nepal, and the number of Chinese tourists will definitely increase dramatically.

After 23 years, the Chinese President visited Nepal again, and the Nepalese people are very excited and looking forward to it! Subode, acting president of Kathmandu University and foreign director of Confucius Institute, said that cultural exchanges are the basis for the development of relations between Nepal and China. In recent years, the cultural exchanges between the two countries have been expanding. Chairman Xi Jinpings visit will enhance mutual interest and consolidate bilateral relations.