Jiangsu: We will never tolerate the discovery and punishment of overload behavior.

 Jiangsu: We will never tolerate the discovery and punishment of overload behavior.

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On October 12, Jiangsu Zhichao Office held an emergency meeting on the management of over-limit transportation in the whole province to convey the spirit of the emergency meeting of provincial Party committee, provincial government and Party groups, to inform the situation of the collapse accident of Wuxi G312 bridge, and to put forward the measures and requirements for the management of over-limit transportation at present.

Since this year, Jiangsu Transportation Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau has organized provincial highway management agencies, jointly with Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Control departments, to work at an average exceeding rate of 2.5%. It has taken various measures to comprehensively promote the management of provincial exceeding the limit.

As of September 25, 164,400 law enforcement officers had been dispatched to organize 165,000 road investigation and punishment activities, 19,900 joint investigations, 17,100 unloading trucks and 739,600 tons of unloading tonnage. The public security handed over 16,500 vehicles with a score of 80,200, 2111 off-site law enforcement trucks and 60 one over four penalties. The work of overtaking control has achieved certain results: from January to August 2019, the overrun vehicles of the provincial trunk highways (including expressways and provincial highways) decreased by 34.67% year on year, and the overrun rate decreased by 1.06 percentage points year on year, while the 100-ton King vehicles decreased significantly year on year. Supervise and guide the expressway operation and management units to accelerate the construction of expressway entrance weighing facilities. At present, the country has taken the lead in completing the construction of expressway entrance weighing facilities, and all 835 entrance weighing equipment have been installed.

The responsible person of Jiangsu Provincial Over-control Office introduced that it is the most important task to control vehicles and sources. According to the actual situation of the current reform of the traffic law enforcement system, the transportation authorities of cities and counties should organize and implement the investigation and publicity of the source enterprises, and strictly publicize the transportation enterprises that have reached the freight volume according to the documents of the provincial transportation department. We will step up coordination with public security traffic control departments to implement law enforcement, and take urgent measures to protect the safety of major bridges and important roads and rural highways and bridges. We will organize waterways and local maritime departments to do a good job in anti-collision and protection of bridges across bridges, and implement relevant measures for bridges within their jurisdiction. It is indeed necessary for the identified dangerous bridge to request the public security traffic police administration department to implement the measures of truck ban, formulate emergency plans, strengthen the early warning mechanism, and ensure effective response to emergencies.

The responsible person of Jiangsu Provincial Overload Administration said that in order to strictly implement the 24-hour duty and investigation system, the duty personnel must be on duty throughout the whole process, together with the discovery of overload, investigation and punishment, and will never tolerate.

Strictly implement the system of one override and four penalties and focus on people, vehicles, enterprises and sources. If overloaded vehicles are found in law enforcement, in addition to unloading and punishment according to law, corresponding penalties shall be imposed on freight vehicles, drivers, transport enterprises and operators of freight sites in accordance with relevant provisions.

Strict implementation of the quarterly notification and interview system, quarterly notification of municipalities exceeding the limit rate, monthly notification, strengthening supervision, interviews with the relevant departments responsible for the high rate of exceeding the limit and the inadequate implementation of exceeding the limit, the problems are more prominent, copied to local governments, and brought to the attention of local leaders.

Strictly implement the system of retrospective investigation and investigation of responsibility, and really work hard to make a firm effort to grasp the key links, compact the unit responsibility and personnel responsibility of source management and supervision and management. If problems arise, we should strictly retrospective investigation and serious investigation of responsibility.

Relevant leaders of Jiangsu Provincial Overhaul Administration Office said that we should highlight key areas and links, take thunderstorm measures, and do a good job of overhaul management.

Focus on key sources, in-depth inspection of transport logistics enterprises, sand and stone building materials wharf, to ensure a good source.

We should focus on key vehicles and strictly investigate and deal with 100-ton King and illegal operating vehicles according to law. Focus on key roads, pay special attention to provincial intersections, important passages, trunk waterway bridges, single-column pier bridges, roads around freight yards, roads around key industrial and mining enterprises, set up stop points, strengthen patrols, increase frequency and intensify efforts.

Grasp the key hidden dangers, quickly carry out risk investigation, especially for road and bridge security facilities, strictly investigate and investigate thoroughly, strictly prohibit illness operation, grasp the risk prevention measures ahead, strangle the hidden danger seedlings in the budding state.

Ground Traffic Restoration in Rollover Accident Section of Wuxi Viaduct

After more than 30 hours of intensive emergency repairs, the two-way traffic on Wuxi Port Road, 312 National Highway, which was blocked by the bridge deck rollover accident, was restored at 7:00 a.m. on December 12. Reporters learned from relevant departments in Wuxi that 312 National Highway and 228 Provincial Highway affected by the accident will resume traffic in succession today.

After the scene rescue, Wuxi City, District Transportation Department and Municipal Armed Police Detachment mobilized more than 20 sets of large-scale machinery, and immediately started the collation and preparation work before the overturned bridge deck was dismantled, cleaned up and restored to traffic.

Gu Hongfeng, manager of the pavement branch of Wuxi Communications Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., told the reporters at the intersection that more than 40 construction teams of his party arrived at the site at 8:00 p.m. on the 11th, and also mobilized more than 30 sets of mechanical construction including bulldozers, rollers, transport vehicles and sprinklers. By about 4 a.m. today, the asphalt pavement has been basically laid. Subsequently, the constructors redrawn the traffic signs on the road surface. Before the early rush hour, the road surface has the condition of traffic recovery.

Reporters at the intersection point saw at the scene of Xigang Road that just after 7 oclock, vehicles passed the intersection orderly under the command of the traffic police. Mr. Zou, a citizen of Wuxi who is rushing to work, told reporters that he usually takes this road every day. After the accident the day before yesterday, he needs to take some routes than usual, but the impact is not great. In less than two days, the traffic resumed, faster than I expected. Mr. Zou said.

Ma Yanqing, deputy chief of Xishan Brigade, Wuxi Traffic Police Detachment, who is on duty at the scene, introduced that the accident occurred at the junction of 312 National Highway and 228 Provincial Highway, which had a certain impact on traffic. For this reason, we launched the first plan to coordinate the distribution of more than 70 police officers in 37 posts for peripheral diversion, and specially arranged a large number of police officers for road closure at eight main intersections around the accident site to persuade passing vehicles to bypass.

He said that all day today, traffic police departments will arrange special police forces to conduct guidance in Xigang Road to maintain traffic order. At present, the road surface traffic in 228 provinces has been through, and the rollover of the overpass bridge, due to the involvement of measurement, prefabrication, construction and other links, it is estimated that it will take time to restore traffic.

According to the preliminary analysis of the accident investigation team, the rollover was caused by overloading of transport vehicles. Reporters have learned from relevant parties in Wuxi that at present, many departments in Wuxi have started special investigation and renovation of over-limited and overloaded vehicles in the city to further eliminate potential safety hazards.

At present, according to @ Wuxi traffic police 312 National Road is still under control. Source: Wang Ning_NB12468, responsible editor of Xinhua Daily

At present, according to @Wuxi Traffic Police 312 National Highway is still under control.