Thai bus rollover driver with 17 Chinese tourists

 Thai bus rollover driver with 17 Chinese tourists

BEIJING, Oct. 12, Xintai Daily, Thailand, quoted Thai media as saying that at about 13:30 local time on Oct. 11, police in Pattaya, Chunwuli Prefecture, Thailand, received a report of a traffic accident on a road near the town of Nong Prue in Pattaya, when a bus carrying 17 Chinese tourists crashed into a roadside pole and iron fence.

According to on-site investigation, a white bus with a license plate number of 33-7561 Bangkok rolled over on the side of the road, causing damage to the front of the bus and minor injuries to seven Chinese tourists. Rescue workers then took the wounded to the Pattaya Hospital in Bangkok for treatment.

Bus driver Kitty Guess said that when the accident happened, he took 17 Chinese tourists from Chunwuli Batiaya Xuannong Law Park to a hotel near Ramkhamhaeng42 in Bangkok. On the way, when the accident happened, the ball head of the front car pull rod fell off, causing the bus to lose balance and hit the pole, causing some tourists to be slightly injured.

Jiddy Guess also said that he knew there was a problem in the bus body and reported it to the company, but the company responded that he should drive first, then go back to repair slowly, but did not expect this accident. Fortunately, due to proper control, no more serious car rollover accident happened on the bus. At present, the injured tourists are not seriously affected, and the police have intervened in the investigation.

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