Boeings current CEO is no longer concurrently chairman to enhance safety management

 Boeings current CEO is no longer concurrently chairman to enhance safety management

On October 11, Chicago local time, Boeing, an American aircraft manufacturer, announced that its board of directors had separated the responsibilities of its chairman and CEO. Dennis A. Muilenburg will continue to serve as CEO, President and Director. The board elected David L. Calhoun, the current chief independent director, as the non-executive chairman.

Boeings board of directors said that the separation of the chairman and CEO positions would enable Dennis A. Muilenburg to concentrate on the companys operations. At present, Boeing is committed to the safe return of 737MAX aircraft to service, while ensuring full support for Boeings global customers, and strengthening the companys focus on the safety of its key products and services.

Boeings board of directors said the decision was the latest in a number of actions taken by Boeings board and senior Boeing leadership to strengthen corporate governance and safety management processes.

David L. Calhoun said, The board is confident that Dennis will be the CEO and believes that this division of labor will enable the board to play an active supervisory role, thus maximizing its focus on business operations. The board also plans to appoint a new director in the near future, who will have extensive safety experience and expertise to serve the board of directors and the newly established Aerospace Safety Committee of the company.

Dennis A. Muilenburg said, I fully support the boards action. Our entire team is focused on getting 737MAX back to service safely and fulfilling all our companys commitments.

Boeing established a permanent board of directors Aerospace Safety Committee in September this year. Its main responsibility is to supervise and ensure the safe design, research and development, manufacture, production, operation, guarantee and delivery of Boeings aerospace products and services.

Edmund Giambastiani, a former vice-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was appointed chairman of the Aerospace Safety Committee. The board also appointed two current Boeing board members to the committee, including Lynn J. Good, chairman, president and CEO of Duke Energy, President of Emerald Creek Group, and Lawrence Kellner, former chairman and CEO of Continental Airlines. According to Boeing, these board members have extensive experience in leading leading leading companies and organizations in regulated industries that are safety-oriented, as well as government entities.

In addition, Boeings board of directors has revised the companys governance charter to incorporate safety-related experience into one of the criteria for selecting future directors.

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