Ye Xuans high-speed railway prevented the expatriates from being punished. 12306 said it would strengthen its work.

 Ye Xuans high-speed railway prevented the expatriates from being punished. 12306 said it would strengthen its work.

Beijing News (Reporter Liu Yang) actress Ye Xuan, who blocked an old man from playing loud mobile music on the high-speed railway, was opposed by the other party. She posted the video on Weibo to attract the attention of netizens. Today (October 12) morning, the staff of China Railway Customer Service Center (12306) admitted that passengersbehavior on the high-speed railway can only be dissuaded by the help of staff members. There is no mandatory regulation. They will report this proposal to relevant departments to strengthen management.

A screenshot of Ye Xuans microblog.

Late at night, the old man played music loudly. Ye Xuan dissuaded him from being judged by netizens.

Video from Ye Xuans microblog shows an old man playing mobile music loudly. Ye Xuan dissuaded him. You have harassed passengers so loudly. But the old man turned against Ye Xuan. In 37 seconds of dissuasion video, the old man never stopped playing mobile music. Ye Xuan said in his microblog, In the late night train, Lao Bo has been playing video loudly, and still refused to listen after several dissuasions. So release videos for comment.

This video has attracted the attention of the network, and the number of comments has reached more than 100,000. Netizens generally expressed support for Ye Xuans dissuasion of passengersuncivilized behavior.

As you can see from the video, the old mans voice of playing music is really super-loud, but its useless to come by the police. Today (October 12) morning, a reporter from the Beijing News contacted Miss Zhang, Ye Xuans staff member. She said that Ye Xuan often traveled between Nanjing and Hangzhou in recent days because of her work. It happened at 90 p.m. the day before yesterday (October 10). Ye Xuan took the high-speed railway from Nanjing to Hangzhou. Late at night, the old man behind her turned on his mobile phone and played music. The voice was so loud that it affected everyone. Ye Xuan has been communicating with him rationally. I hope he can keep his voice down, but he doesnt agree.

Miss Zhang introduced that the police and crew members arrived at the scene later to dissuade the old man together. It was still useless, but no coercive measures were taken against the old man. As far as she knows, there may be no such hard and fast rules on high-speed rail at present, which can only morally discourage passengers from loud noise, power amplification of mobile music and so on. Miss Zhang said that because the old man thought that he was right to play mobile music loudly in public, he asked Ye Xuan to send the video to the Internet for comment.

12306: Railway has no relevant compulsory provisions, which will be reflected to the relevant parts.

In recent years, some passengers have been broadcasting news caused by mobile phone voices loudly on trains such as railways and metros. In June this year, a woman was exposed to the Internet by other passengers after playing music loudly on her mobile phone in the subway. Last August, two passengers were admitted to the hospital because of the dispute. Such people are called expatriates on the Internet.

It is understood that there are no relevant mandatory provisions on Railway transportation. Today (October 12) morning, 12306 customer service personnel responded to the Beijing News reporter, saying that loudly playing mobile music on the train belongs to the personal behavior of passengers, there is no specific restriction. If other passengers feel affected, they can seek help and dissuasion from the train staff, but dissuasion is ineffective and there is no hard measure.

Subsequently, the staff member confirmed the relevant rules and regulations and feedback reporters said that the current compulsory regulations for passenger behavior are like destroying high-speed railway property. If the impact causes the safety of train operation, the railway department will take measures to restrict passengers, but there is no compulsory regulation for loud playing mobile music and other acts. Its expression can reflect the relevant suggestions, let the relevant departments strengthen the management of relevant issues, and improve the relevant rules and regulations when necessary.

Beijing Rail Transit Passenger Code.

Metro took the lead in incorporating exotic people into credit information system

For the behavior management of the expatriates, the subway has taken the first step. In May this year, Beijing took the lead in stipulating that five types of uncivilized passenger behavior, such as eating in subway carriages, playing out loud videos or music, will be included in the personal credit record. If the actor wants to take remedial measures, he can take the initiative to participate in the voluntary service of rail transit to repair the bad information.

On August 20, Kunming Transportation Bureau held a hearing on Kunming Urban Rail Transit Passenger code (Revised Draft for comments), which supplemented the relevant contents of civilized riding order that passengers should abide by. It is stipulated that when traveling on trains, no loud noise shall be allowed, and when using electronic equipment, no external noise shall be allowed to make noise to others.

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