Zahawis agent has sought the Fuli Salary Club to put the issue on hold for the time being.

 Zahawis agent has sought the Fuli Salary Club to put the issue on hold for the time being.

There are 24 places in the final circle of Euro 2020, while only 13 places in Euro 2022 Qatar World Cup. It will only be more difficult for Israel to reach the World Cup. If there is no hope for Israels national team to qualify for the tournament, for Zahawi, the next focus must be on the club. The Chinese Super League season is coming to an end, and Zahawis contract with Fuli expires at the end of the 2020 season, so negotiations with Zahawi to renew the contract have actually begun, albeit at an early stage.

For Zahawi, the next contract will be the last big one in his career. Zahawi scored 84 goals in 93 matches, ranking first in the history of Chinese professional league. It shouldnt be a big problem to break the scoring record of the Chinese Super League in a single season this season. Plus in the European preliminaries, his data can support him to win a big contract, just how big it can be.

According to Nandu reporters, Zahawis annual salary at Fuli is about $8 million. If the contract is renewed, there will be a certain increase, but it will certainly not be as high as $18 million as the Israeli media have rumored.

At present, the negotiations between Zahawis brokers and the clubs top officials have not been formally carried out in depth, but preliminary contacts have been made. Zahawis brokers have put forward a quotation, which has effectively put the issue on hold for the time being. Fulis biggest variable is Stoikovics position as manager. Fulis boss has not yet made it clear whether Stoikovic will leave or stay after the end of the season. Fuli executives may not formally follow up the players contract renewal until the players whereabouts and stays are confirmed.

Zahawis choices are actually limited. It is impossible for Jiangsu Ning, Shandong Luneng, Shanghai Shanggang and Guangzhou Hengdu to change foreign aid vanguards. The only ones with purchasing power and possibly changing vanguards are Dalian, Beijing Guoan, especially Guoan. However, it is the general trend for CSL to tighten investment. A modest salary increase and contract renewal at Fuli may be Zahawis most realistic choice.

Source: Author of Southern Metropolitan Daily: Fengzhen Responsible Editor: Xu Zexin_BJS4919