No matter how difficult it is to get a job, dont be a five-sex job. Ten years later, its too late to beat people up.

 No matter how difficult it is to get a job, dont be a five-sex job. Ten years later, its too late to beat people up.

(2) Labor dispatch occupation.

Nowadays, more and more enterprises begin to recruit a large number of dispatched or outsourced employees in order to reduce labor costs, transfer management responsibilities, evade risks, reduce burdens and facilitate dismissal. Its obvious that you are working for an enterprise, but you have to find a labor company to sign a contract. This starting point is not good. Do you still expect to be responsible for your career? Many companies are fooling you into signing labor dispatch agreements with them. They are fooling you into getting the same treatment. They are fooling you into turning around in the future. Dont believe it. Firstly, salary is less than half that of regular workers, secondly, there is almost no chance to change, thirdly, there is the risk of being dismissed as a priority at any time, lacking the sense of belonging, stability and development.

[3] Non-standard occupation.

Many newcomers in the workplace do not know enough about social security and are often cheated by some bad enterprises. For example, cheat you to say that in order to get more money, let you give up social security on your own initiative. On the surface, you get a little favor, but in fact, the company has made a lot of money. The labor costs of formal enterprises include 8% pension, 12% housing provident fund, 13% welfare, 2% membership fee, 2% education and training fee, 1% difficulty relief, 8% enterprise annuity, etc. The labor cost is about 160% to 200% of your pre-tax salary. If the enterprise does not pay social security, it will damage 60% to 100% of your interests. If the enterprise cheats you not to pay social security, first of all, it does not say that it is illegal, at least infringes on your interests, can such a company be responsible for you?

[4] Eliminate sexual occupation.

Workplaces such as rivers and lakes, industry cycle, many enterprises like the tide, ups and downs. Some are thriving and some are setting in the west. Therefore, we should give priority to the sunrise industry and try to avoid the sunset industry. At the same time, we should have a foresight to predict whether the current hot jobs will cool down in ten years, and whether the current shortage of jobs will be excessive in ten years. For example, just like the endless scenery of iron and steel textile coal, now Tiger Falling Pingyang is bullied by dogs. At that time, the flourishing bio-trade business management profession, now no one wants to be saturated with excess. So, now busy financial and securities professions, ten years later will not rot the streets?

[5] Alternative occupation.