There is a kind of maturity. Its called no quarrel, no quarrel, no care.

 There is a kind of maturity. Its called no quarrel, no quarrel, no care.

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Some people say that the height of life is not how many things you see, but how many things you look down on.

Only when the world is troubled and the life is depressed and the needless worries are not entangled, can we live in ease and ease. No contention is a kind of cultivation, no noise, a kind of wisdom, no care, a kind of cultivation.

02 No noise, quiet years, heavy life, the world is noisy, we seem to be more willing to keep a rare quiet, in fatigue to give their soul a little rest. Chuang Tzu said, Dogs dont take good barking as good, people dont take good words as good. If being able to speak and speak well is a kind of tact, it is a kind of wisdom to keep quiet. When you are angry, if you make a big noise to the people around you, besides being angry with yourself, you hurt the people who love you and tolerate you. At any time, your hysteria will make your mood worse and make-up discolored, which will damage your beauty from inside to outside. When you are upset, if you always complain to your friends, over time, sincere friends will gradually fade away. After all, no one wants to be your garbage can. Being able to manage ones emotions well is a persons refined cultivation. Ancient saying: the depth of the water is slow, the late language is expensive. Less temper, less noise. The more complaining and angry a person is, the worse his life will be. People with positive energy in their hearts, life is always simple and pure, happy and good. In this world, except for life and death, the rest are trifles. What can we quarrel about? No noise, is a wisdom of life. Make life simple and warm, and enjoy it slowly in the shallow time. Learn to abandon glitz, to be a quiet person. When alone, it is very leisurely; in the crowd, do not publicize; even in the bustle of bustle, can also be indifferent. Elegant life is a quiet heart, a peaceful mind, a plain way of life. Be a person who has no struggle with the world and no more complaints, not sad or unhappy, quiet as before, all the time is quiet and peaceful. When you are not noisy, not noisy, not trapped in the heart, not confused with feelings, you are really mature.

Regardless, Feuerbach, a German philosopher, said that the first thing to live is to make yourself happy. And a happy life depends on oneself. Sometimes, less care, more happiness. Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang, who are deeply in love with each other, and the model husband and wife in the literary circle, are one of their happiness codes in their 66 year long marriage life. When they first established their relationship, it was rumored that Qian Zhongshu had already been engaged, which spread to Yang Jiang. Qian Zhongshu explained, This is not true, you should not believe it. Hes honest, she doesnt care. There are also rumors in the workshop that Yang Jiangs pursuers are 72 people. Some people say that Fei Xiaotong is her boyfriend. Gossip relationship has spread to Qian Zhongshu. Qian Zhongshu doesnt care about it and laughs and says that he believes in her. Qian Zhongshu is an idiot in his life. The so-called ten fingers do not touch the sun and spring water means him. Yang Jiang never complained about his mistake and cooked for him all his life. When they were both teaching at Tsinghua University, the old school system stipulated that husband and wife could not serve as full-time professors at the same time. So Yang Jiang, without saying anything, decided to become part-time professors only. It is well known that Yang Jiangs talent is not under Qian Zhongshu. There is a saying that happiness does not mean getting more, but calculating less. Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang never separated each other in their marriage. In reality, many couples are accustomed to calculating who pays more and who gets less in life. Its as big as who earns money, who takes the children, and as small as who sweeps the floor and washes the dishes. If you dont care, you can see the beauty. If you dont care, you will have a smile on your face. So if you want to be happy, you must not be too concerned about it. People who love each other should not care too much about who is right or wrong, and people should not care too much about who pays more or who pays less. Gradually, you will find more sunshine, more smiles, more care from relatives and more help from friends. Life is a long journey, a long way, meet some people, see a landscape, regardless of the loss and gain, the last thing left is a kind of indifference.

For the rest of his life, Zen Master Wumen of the Song Dynasty had a poem to persuade people to have fewer obstacles. Spring has flowers, autumn has months, summer has cool wind, winter has snow. If there is no idle matter to worry about, it is a good time in the world.

Learn to be a man for the rest of your life. Do not have lotus root heart, nor pepper temper, but like sugarcane, one, two, straight up, will not beat around the bush. No contention, no quarrel, no care, generosity, tolerance, understanding of modesty, is a kind of advanced maturity. No quarrel for peace, no quarrel for relief, no care for peace. As long as the heart is big, everything can be changed into small, as long as the heart is wide, there is sunny day everywhere. Experienced the ups and downs of life, experience the vicissitudes of the years. We will be mature, we will learn not to quarrel, no longer care. In the time gone forever, may we keep our hearts warm and calm.


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