America warns, Erdogan: We will not stop.

 America warns, Erdogan: We will not stop.

[Global Network Reporter Li Dongyao] Turkish and Kurdish forces are fighting fiercely in northern Syria. The US Treasury Secretary said on November 11 that the White House is considering economic sanctions against Ankara. In response, the Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the evening of November 11 condemning the US plan and vowing to retaliate. On the same day, Turkish President Erdogan said that despite the threat from the United States and its allies, the Turkish army would continue to attack Kurdish militants in northern Syria. He also insisted that the target was not Kurdish, but terrorists (that is, Kurdish militants).

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According to the Russian Satellite News Agency and RT, Erdogan said on Friday, We will not stop. As Turkey, we will never stop this fight, no matter what anyone says. Both the United States and Europe say we are killing Kurds. The Kurds make our brothers. Our fight is directed at terrorist organizations.

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Just before Erdogan spoke, there was a voice in the United States calling for sanctions against Turkey. Earlier in the day, US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin also told reporters that the Trump administration was considering issuing an order that would expand Washingtons ability to impose de facto economic sanctions on Ankara in response to military operations in northern Syria, Russian Satellite Agency reported.

Turkeys Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded that day. In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey vowed to retaliate and severely condemned the U.S. plan.

After the start of Operation Peace Fountain, news reached all levels of the U.S. government. The objectives and scope of the operation have been fully and clearly stated to the international public... Turkey is fighting a terrorist organization that threatens its national security, and we will continue this fight firmly. The statement added: No one should doubt that we will respond comprehensively to each step in a mutually beneficial manner.

Turkeys Ministry of Defense announced Thursday that the Turkish army has launched ground military operations against Kurdish forces in northern Syria. Turkeys Ministry of Defense said in social media that as part of the Spring of Peace operation, the Turkish Army and the Syrian National Army have begun to launch ground attacks east of the Euphrates River in northern Syria.

On the eve of Turkeys military operations, the White House of the United States said on the 6th that the U.S. military would not support or participate Turkeys forthcoming military operations in northern Syria and that the U.S. military would withdraw from the relevant areas. On Tuesday, US President Trump tweeted three options for Turkey: war, sanctions or agreement. He wrote, send thousands of U.S. troops to the region and win military battles, impose severe economic sanctions on Turkey, or mediate an agreement between Turkey and Kurdish forces!? When asked by reporters which option he preferred, trump replied, I hope its the last one.

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