Putin: Turkeys military action in Syria or reshaping is threat

 Putin: Turkeys military action in Syria or reshaping is threat

Russian President Vladimir Putin is attending the CIS summit. (Source: Reuters)

Overseas Network, Oct. 11 (Vladimir Putin), President of Russia, said Friday (11) that Turkeys military operations in Syria could lead to the resumption of the threat to the region by the extremist organization Islamic State (IS).

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that Turkish military operations in Syria had led to Kurds fleeing the region, where Kurdish forces had been monitoring and defending thousands of IS terrorists, according to news from Al Jazeera on November 11. Putin said he was not sure whether the Turkish army could control the situation and how long it could control it, which is a real threat to our interests in the region. It is reported that Putin expressed these concerns when Turkmenistan attended the CIS Heads of State Meeting.

Turkish President Erdogan. (Source: Reuters)

Earlier on Wednesday (9), Erdogan announced a military operation in northern Syria, code-named Fountain of Peace against Kurdish militants and IS terrorists, with the aim of eliminating the terrorist threat to Turkey and establishing a security zone in the region for the return of millions of Syrian refugees. On the third day of the operation, the Turkish Ministry of Defence announced the elimination of at least 277 Kurdish militias by the Turkish army, which also suffered its first casualties on that day. At present, Turkish forces and Kurdish armed forces are in serious conflict in Syrian border towns.

Smoke billowed after the Turkish air raid. (Pictures intercepted from BBC videos)

Turkeys military operations have met with widespread opposition from all sides. Syria has repeatedly condemned Turkeys occupation policy in northern Syria. Iran, which supports Syria, expressed concern about military operations and said that only with respect for Syrias territorial integrity can the situation be resolved peacefully. In addition, Egypt, the League of Arab States, Britain, France and Germany have strongly condemned Turkey, while NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg called on Turkey to maintain restraint.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026