Liu Ye Ma Yili is 20 years old? Producer: Flow doesnt show that kind of emotion

 Liu Ye Ma Yili is 20 years old? Producer: Flow doesnt show that kind of emotion

New Express reported on Oct. 12 that Zeng Les TV play In the Far is currently popular on Oriental Satellite Television. Recently, Wu Jiaping, the chief producer of the play, was interviewed by the media. He said that more than 80% of the stories in the play were true and were all interviewed. Chinas express industry, up to the chairman, the founder and down to the courier brother, all interviewed.

Yao Yuans ups and downs in the wave of logistics and Internet entrepreneurship and his indomitable life experience show that Chinas economic development has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. Liu Ye, Ma Yilu, Mei Ting, Bao Jianfeng, Zeng Li and other powerful factions form the starring lineup of In the Far. At the beginning of the broadcasting, netizens had a lot of controversy about several leading actors shaping young people in their early twenties. They thought that it was hard to hide the traces of their real age. Why didnt the cast choose young traveling actors? In this regard, producer Wu Jiaping believed that the actors of In the Far Areas were very suitable for the roles and very dedicated. The traveling actors could not perform the emotions between the characters in the play. Liu Ye read the script several times before entering the group. Every play was carefully prepared and the scene cooperated with each other. Mayili arrives at the scene 15 to 20 minutes earlier every day. After filming, actors also communicate with directors and writers, and actors often interact with each other. We edit the shooting material to organize them to see, they will look for problems after watching, improve themselves. Coincidentally, Liu Ye, Mei Ting and Zeng Li are classmates of the Chinese Opera Performance Department in 1996, while Ma Yili and Bao Jianfeng are classmates of the stage 1994. This time, there are many sparks among them. Wu Jiaping said that the formation of this line-up did not think of the studentsAssociation at that time, simply because everyone and the role are more in line, but the students must have their tacit understanding when filming together. In the process of creation, they can throw aside everything and communicate frankly without worry, which is very helpful to the shaping of roles.

Wu Jiaping disclosed that before filming, he and his scriptwriter Shenjie visited many e-commerce and logistics enterprises such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tonglu and Hangzhou in order to accumulate material. Interview is a long and arduous process. Many entrepreneurs are tens of billions of people. Its not easy to offer them. The interview lasted for more than a year before and after, during which they went to interview the capital industry involved in the play. Therefore, many plots in the play are excavated in the interview process. After broadcasting, many enthusiastic audience guess which express company and which e-commerce is written in the play. In fact, we write about the industry in the era and the people who are struggling hard in the rapid development of the industry, so everyone can find their own entry point from it.

Source: New Express Responsible Editor: Ma Wenjing_NBJS9027