AKIRA said it was destined to praise her perfection to expect her father to fall in love with Lin Zhiling.

 AKIRA said it was destined to praise her perfection to expect her father to fall in love with Lin Zhiling.

Lin Zhiling announced her marriage to Japanese actor AKIRA in June this year. Yesterday AKIRA attended a film festival in Taiwan to talk about life after marriage for the first time.

AKIRA propaganda film under the brilliant stars media meeting, because the theme of the film revolves around fate, he also revealed that he is a person who believes in fate. In fact, life often encounters many turning points, including entering the company, publishing wedding news, perhaps the fate of the arrangement, there are billions of people on the planet, passing many people, meeting Zhiling is also the fate of the arrangement. Lifes destiny.

Praise your wife like any beautiful flower

AKIRA also generously shares the married life of the couple, mentioning what kind of father he thinks he will be in the future, he thought for a moment and said, I hope to organize a sunny and positive family. Although I dont know what kind of father I will be after the children are born, the children will certainly progress with Zhiling when they are born, and if there is really good news, they will tell you all.

As for which flower to describe Lin Zhilings beauty? AKIRA laughs at any beautiful flower like, Like she has experienced so many hard roads, criticism, the more beautiful she is, the more beautiful she is. When he went to Taiwan this time, Lin Zhiling said to him in Chinese, Come on! Asked what he thought his wifes strengths were, he also answered in Chinese with a domineering voice: All!

In the emotional drama in the film, he said that the film is about little love, including their own dreams, big love ideas, should cherish the little love around, these cherished words can do things better, future development should pay more attention not to miss these small things, do everything better.

As for Lin Zhiling, who has been urged constantly since her marriage, she will not forget to continue to do public welfare when her journey is full. Zhiling Sister Charity Foundation has launched the public welfare calendar for the 11th consecutive year, with the theme of 2020 next year. Love you and love you , only see the cover photo of Zhiling sister wearing sexy perspective gauze, not only black bra exposed, beautiful legs is a glance at all! Fans shouted, Its so beautiful!

Lin Zhiling takes her mother to shoot advertisements

In addition to charity activities, Lin Zhiling recently filmed an advertisement with her mother, Wu Cimei. Lin Zhiling has always loved her family and is a servant to her mother, Wu Cimei. In recent years, it has been reported that Lin Zhilings mothers health has been in trouble. More importantly, it is pointed out that Lin Zhilings flash marriage with AKIRA this year is her wish for a round mother. Nevertheless, in this advertisement of Lin Zhilings mother and daughter, we can see that Lins mother is very spiritual and let people put their hearts down. During this period, both Lin Zhiling and her mother came on stage with pure white fairy look, which was full of nobility. No wonder the staff on the spot praised Lin Zhilings high face value. It must be inherited from her mother. They laughed that the shooting of this advertisement was definitely a contest between the two age-reversing goddess.

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