Junior high school principals live in boysdormitories and share meals with their classmates.

 Junior high school principals live in boysdormitories and share meals with their classmates.

The headmaster lives in the boysdormitory and eats with his classmates: very unexpected but not nervous (source: Netease video)

Four years ago, Huang Fanghua served as the principal of Jiangshan Mayor Tai Junior High School. Because the dormitories of teachers and staff were not enough, Huang Fanghua took the initiative to move to the spare dormitories. Huang Fanghua said that after moving over, he consciously made irregular visits to the students at night. Through the management of the students, the style of study of the whole school has become better and better.

Eight years after graduation, students reported being abused by teachers and promoted to Deputy principals. Teachers were dismissed.

The old man (father) died and no one taught him. poor grades, what to drink, and what to pee!... When I was in junior high school, my head teacher shouted these words, which made Lu Mou, a Sichuan Mianyang native who had graduated from junior high school for eight years, hard to forget, and often remembered that he could not fall asleep.

Before starting school in September this year, he was kicked out of the class by the teacher concerned when he accused the head teacher of doing too much evil to vent his anger. Angry, he was about to be abused by his teachers in that year, and reported it on Weibo.

Yunnan announces that principals are accused of self-reliance in relation to studentsdivision of classes: accountability will be pursued

On September 16, netizens revealed that the principal of Zhaotong No. 1 Middle School violated the educational equity by dividing the classes of related students privately. A list of relationship students has flowed out, and the reputation of the famous schools for a hundred years is worrying.

On September 19, Zhaotong City Education and Sports Bureau of Yunnan issued an official announcement: the 100-year-old principals who open the back door for relational students are true and accountable; most of the referees are leadership titles, such as Under-Secretary-General and Director of the Medical Insurance Bureau.