Sino-US Economic and Trade Consultation: Delegations Order Takeaway and Talk While Eating

 Sino-US Economic and Trade Consultation: Delegations Order Takeaway and Talk While Eating

October 10, 8:15 in the United States

The staff began to enter.

October 10, 8:57 in the United States

Vice Premier Liu He and his delegation arrived and a new round of high-level economic and trade consultations between China and the United States began.

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A New Round of Sino-US Economic and Trade Consultations (Source: CCTV)

October 10, 13:20 in the United States

The delegation ordered takeout at the scene of the consultation and talked while eating. It can be seen that the rhythm of the consultation is compact and the work of both sides involved in the negotiations is devoted. The staff also specifically notified the reporters waiting outside and asked them to rush to lunch.

Exposure of Takeaway Pictures by Delegations of China and the United States in Economic and Trade Consultations (Source: CCTV)

Vice Premier Liu He walked out of the U.S. Trade Representatives office. The first day of the new round of China US high level economic and trade consultation ended.

People came and went to the office building of the U.S. Trade Representative. Many people were attracted by the long gun and short gun outside the building and kept asking. What was the outcome of the intra-door consultation? We will wait and see.

Source: Wang Xiaowu_NF, Responsible Editor of Peoples Network-Peoples Daily