The woman was detained for 5 days after she missed the train and kicked the ticket inspector angrily.

 The woman was detained for 5 days after she missed the train and kicked the ticket inspector angrily.

A woman in Nanjing missed the train and kicked the ticket inspector angrily. Result: She was detained for 5 days.

When we go out to catch the train, we often remind everyone that we should reserve enough time to check in at the station, especially in holidays, when the passenger flow at the station is very large, we should go out in advance. But on October 7th, the last day of the National Day holiday, Yu Mou, a citizen of Nanjing, was angry at the ticket inspector and made an excessive act because he had waited too long for the train to arrive.

On October 7, Nanjing South Railway Station ushered in the peak of return passenger flow. Just as everyone was waiting in line to check tickets, B19 ticket gate staff warned that they had been beaten by a passenger for no reason. Police call monitoring found that a female passenger in the closed gate suddenly walked to the teller, flying kick.

After the investigation, the police learned that the womans surname was Yu, who took her old people and children to Anhui by high-speed rail on the same day. Although she left home an hour and a half ahead of schedule, because of the heavy traffic jams and security checks, it delayed some time. By the time she arrived at the checkpoint, the checkpoint had stopped checking tickets.

After the ticket was refused, Yu went to change her ticket. When she learned that there was no ticket to buy on that day, she got angry and rushed back to the ticket gate, kicking the ticket inspector.

At the scene of the trial, Yu said he was too angry. I got up at 6:30 in the morning and was stuck in traffic for an hour and a half. There were no tickets for the next two days, and they couldnt be re-signed.

It is understood that the ticket inspector went to the hospital to check, found that this foot caused knee joint effusion, multiple soft tissue contusions.

At present, Yu was detained by the police for 5 days and compensated for the medical expenses of the staff. The police warned that when there is a large flow of holiday passengers, they must arrive at the station in advance and wait for the train. They can not go out in accordance with the usual time in order to avoid delaying their journey.

Source: Litchi News Author: Editor of Zhang Zhongxuan, Yuan Guozhang: Su Honghong_NBJ9980