Global Times: The Sino-US Consultations have yielded positive results and kept calm and moving forward

 Global Times: The Sino-US Consultations have yielded positive results and kept calm and moving forward

The U.S. trade war with China lasted more than a year, but there was no reason for it. Except for the losses suffered by both China and the United States, there is no real sign that either side will win. When it comes to which side of the trade war has brought about something worth boasting about, peoples minds are blank, and the so-called results can not be supported by solid and credible evidence.

Of course, although most people support ending the trade war, whether in the United States or in China, it is not easy for peoples desire to turn into a genuine confrontation between the two countries and to quickly and decisively compromise around key differences. From the previous deadlock to the end of the trade war, let the rational sentiment of the society become the leading role in the public opinion of the two countries, and some leaps and bounds are needed in the middle.

Some of these voices are childish, and some of them are deliberate criticism for criticism for political and other reasons. It is hoped that neither China nor the United States will be disturbed by this voice. The negotiation team of the two sides will speed up the negotiations in the coming period, paving the way for the final agreement between the two countries.

Ending the trade war means abolishing all the tariffs imposed, which is a hard target. The trade war has lasted for a long time and the tariffs have increased, but the original intention of the two countrieseconomic and trade negotiations must not be forgotten when they return to the tariff pattern before the beginning of the trade war. Returning tariffs back to the middle of the mountain means that the trade war is not over, but eased. In order to advance the process of ending the trade war, both sides need to make firm progress in accordance with the consensus before the two heads of state.

The two sides agreed that China would buy more American agricultural products, which are needed by Chinese society. But Chinas intermittent purchase of American agricultural products will not create a stable environment in which American agriculture can accelerate its prosperity with the help of Chinese market. Only when the two sides sign a comprehensive economic and trade agreement can business partners of the two countries, including American farmers, make long-term development plans and stay away from the sense of turbulence.

China and the United States still have a lot of work to do to reach a final agreement. The goal can be seen on the horizon ahead. Its important not to be disturbed by other temptations, but to step on the fork one after another, which delays the way we really want to catch up. Past experience shows that such interference is often very active, and both sides need to be determined.

There are still uncertainties in the future, and China still needs to take a calm view of the current progress. The more negotiations, the more meaningful it is to do your own thing well. Whether or not the current progress means a turning point, as long as we do our own thing well, no matter what is ahead, China will not be helpless drifters.

Source: Global Times Responsible Editor: Yang Bin_NF4368