Xinhua International Review: Patience and perseverance are needed to solve Sino-US economic and trade problems

 Xinhua International Review: Patience and perseverance are needed to solve Sino-US economic and trade problems

Patience and perseverance also lie in the consistency of Chinas stand of resolutely opposing trade wars and resolving problems through consultation and cooperation, which is increasingly widely recognized. Prior to the start of this round of consultations, the Chinese leaders met with representatives of the American business community and the new President of the International Monetary Fund respectively. The American people said that the trade war was only a loser and no winner. The American business community did not want to see tariff increases. The International Monetary Fund believed that the trade war was having a serious impact on the world economy, and the IMF highly appreciated Chinas settlement through consultation. The determination and sincerity of the problem. A series of economic data also confirm that the trade war is hurting the US economy, enterprises and people more and more. All circles in the United States are more and more willing to end the trade war at an early date, so as to consolidate the basis of public opinion in order to push the two sides towards the correct direction of solving the problem.

It can be said that the hard-won progress of this round of consultations is closely related to the rationality, patience and determination that China has always shown in dealing with economic and trade frictions. But we should also be aware that, after 40 years of ups and downs, todays Sino-US relations are more complex than ever. In addition, some people want to politicize economic and trade issues and find a solution to economic and trade issues acceptable to both countries, I am afraid it will take a long time. China has never provoked a fight on its own initiative, but it has never been afraid of it. It has recognized the long-term, complex and arduous nature of Sino-US economic and trade issues. It has truly adapted itself to the norm of talking and talking. It has made the fullest preparations from the worst point of view, made the best efforts in the best direction and strived for the best results, so that we can more firmly and effectively safeguard the core interests of the country and the fundamental interests of the people.

To maintain patience and perseverance, in the final analysis, we need to do our own thing well. New China, just celebrating its 70th birthday, is continually deepening reform and opening up with high self-confidence, and is willing to share development opportunities with other countries, including the United States. If you tread on the right path on earth, you should not be afraid of the vicissitudes of the world. No matter how long it will take to thoroughly solve the Sino-US economic and trade problems, it will not hinder the Chinese nations firm steps towards great rejuvenation in a promising new era.


Source: Xinhua writer: Zhou Xiaozheng, responsible editor of Han Jiegao Pan: Wang Xiaowu_NF