Twenty Big Bull Bear Stocks a Week: Five billion National Day Files and Box Office Does Not Move Film and Television Stocks

 Twenty Big Bull Bear Stocks a Week: Five billion National Day Files and Box Office Does Not Move Film and Television Stocks

Performance increase in advance, 12 days and 11 board of Baoding Technology

This weeks main line is more obvious. The hot digital currency broke out again before the festival. At the same time, the disclosure of the third quarter report is imminent, and the stock increase in advance of performance is obviously concerned by the market. They cover almost half of the top 20 shares.

Throughout this weeks 20 bull stocks, Tianshun (002800.SZ) won the championship with a 46.47% rise. The company had forecast net profit of 26 million yuan to 35 million yuan in the first three quarters of 2019, an increase of 5046.48% to 6827.95%. As the first logistics listed company in Northwest China, Tianshun shares have undoubtedly aroused the pursuit of capital, and the stock price has been rising and falling for four consecutive times.

Data News Laboratory also noted that last weeks most powerful technology, Baoding Technology (002552.SZ), also appeared on this weeks bull list. The owner of state-owned assets has spurred the stock price explosion, and the companys share price has stepped out of the 12-day 11-board strong market.

National Day box office is the strongest in history, but the film and television stocks have not turned over.

This year, the three main melody films helped the box office of National Day to break through 5 billion yuan, which is the strongest in history. However, the performance of the film and television stocks behind billions of box office was not as expected. They had realized the increase before the release and began to decline after the festival.

As the main investor and distributor of Climber, Shanghai Film (601595.SH) said that as of October 6, its expected earnings were between 7 million and 17 million yuan, with the first trading day after the festival falling to a halt; Happy Blue Sea (300528.SZ) wholly-owned subsidiary participated in the production of the film Captain of China, which only invested in the film as a fixed income form, and the amount of earnings was not high; Jinyi Film and Television (002905.SZ) ) Subsidiaries also participated in the production of Me and My Motherland, which rose by more than 40% in the month ending September 18 before the festival, and then began to decline.

In addition to film and television stocks, many listed companies need to be vigilant about their operational risks. This week,, a subsidiary of panda financial holding (600599. SH), was put on file for investigation; ST Huading (601113. SH) and St Jingui (002716. SZ) were suddenly put on St due to the illegal occupation of hundreds of millions of funds by major shareholders; big wisdom (601519. SH) and (002517. SZ) were faced with investor claims, was also put on file for investigation by the Securities Regulatory Commission, and many senior executives were arrested and troubled.

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Source: Responsible Editor of 21st Century Economic Report: Yang Bin_NF4368