What fund companies are behind the rollover of Wuxi viaduct

 What fund companies are behind the rollover of Wuxi viaduct

Yesterday morning, however, Soviet Jiaotong Branch issued a clarification announcement saying that the Wuxi Section of 312 National Highway which it undertook the overall design was not part of the accident site, the design of the accident bridge has nothing to do with the company.

Photo Source: Soviet Jiaotong Branch Announcement

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Tianyan survey information shows that Wuxi traffic planning, survey and Design Institute is the historical name of China Design Corporation (002883. SZ). However, up to now, the Intermediate Share has not responded to the relevant issues.

However, another A-share company with a similar name, Zhongshi Group (603018.SH), urgently dispelled rumors that the collapse of viaducts had nothing to do with it.

Photo Source: Intermediate Group Announcement

At present, there is no official announcement about the specific cause of the accident.

After the rollover accident of Wuxi viaduct, the relevant design contractors of the project have attracted much attention. Three listed companies have been pulled out successively. Among them, Soviet Jiaokeke and Zhongjiao Group have clarified that it has nothing to do with the incident, while Zhongjiao shares remain silent.

Yesterday, the stock prices of all three companies were affected to varying degrees. Among them, the closing price of Zhongshi shares was 19.08 yuan, down 4.7%, the closing price of Sujiao branch was 8.83 yuan, up 0.34%, and the closing price of Zhongshi Group was 11.7 yuan, down 0.93%.

According to wind data, as of the end of the second quarter of 2019, there are three institutional investors under CSCEC, among which Xinhua Fund Management Co., Ltd. holds a total of 5900 shares, accounting for 0.01% of the circulating shares.

According to wind data, by the end of the second quarter of 2019, there were 36 institutional investors under CITIC Group. The top five fund companies were Guangfa Fund Management Co., Ltd., Cathay Pacific Fund Management Co., Ltd., Jiaobin Schroder Fund Management Co., Ltd., CITIC UBS Fund Management Co., Ltd., and Boshi Fund Management Co., Ltd.

Among them, the fund holds a total of 9 products, with a total of 15.0107 million shares, accounting for 3.28% of the outstanding shares.

There are 10 products held by SDIC UBS fund, with a total of 3054000 shares, accounting for 0.67% of the circulating shares.

Boshi Fund holds 3 products, totaling 2.969 million shares, accounting for 0.65% of the current shares.

Among them, CDF holds 14 products, totaling 22.4544 million shares, accounting for 3.44% of current shares.

Hong De Fund holds 2 products, totaling 14.413.5 million shares, accounting for 2.21% of the current shares.

Jiashi Fund holds 8 products, a total of 76.244 million shares, accounting for 1.17% of the current shares.

Cathay Pacific Fund holds 3 products, totaling 6.4375 million shares, accounting for 0.99% of the circulating shares.

Article Data Source: Wind Data

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