Behind Wuxi Viaduct Accident: Deformed Freight Ecology of Losing Money without Overloading

 Behind Wuxi Viaduct Accident: Deformed Freight Ecology of Losing Money without Overloading

Photo shooting: interface journalist Yang Shuhongji

It will be dark, traffic lights flashing at intersections and cars coming and going. Suddenly, there was a roar. The reinforced concrete bridge across the front of the bridge was smashed down, and several cars were squashed in front of the bridge.

About 6:00 p.m. on October 10, a rollover accident occurred on Wuxi viaduct in Jiangsu Province, which resulted in three deaths and two injuries. The related video detonated the network.

Although the final investigation results have not been released, according to the information released by the accident rescue headquarters, through preliminary analysis, the rollover of Wuxi overpass bridge is caused by overloading of transport vehicles.

The long-standing overload chaos in the field of road freight transport has been pushed to the public by this tragedy.

Overload transportation is a kind of over-limit transportation, which not only accelerates the aging of highways and bridges, destroys the ecological environment, but also may cause various kinds of serious traffic accidents.

Wuxi accident is not an isolated case. According to statistics, in the 12 years since 2000, at least 17 bridge collapse accidents caused by overloading of trucks and excessive transportation have occurred nationwide.

Under the bloody lesson, why can the overload of road freight be prohibited repeatedly?

Highway Freight Transportation Small Scattered and Weak

In the accident, the overload truck involved pointed to a logistics company named Wuxi Chenggong Transportation Co., Ltd. the reporter in front of the interface news witnessed the scene that the relevant person in charge of the enterprise was taken away by the police.

According to Tian Eye Inspection, the company has registered capital of 5 million yuan, paid-in capital of 4.055.87 million yuan, personnel size of less than 50 people, and insured number of 15 people. It is noteworthy that the companys business scope only includes road ordinary cargo transport, and does not have the qualification of large-scale goods transport.

I havent heard of this company before. There are many small and medium-sized transportation companies like this. Business scope radiation Southern Jiangsu freight company owner Zhang Yuan (alias) told the interface news.

According to Caixin, a bridge expert who participated in the command and rescue at the scene, after preliminary analysis, the accident was not caused by single vehicle overload. At that time, there were several overloaded trucks passing through the road section, causing the cap beam of the bridge deck column to be damaged.

Many local people have previously told the Interface News that near the Wuxi Viaduct, there are many large wholesale markets, including the largest steel city in the area, where large and small trucks often come and go. Overloading is very common.

As one of the important steel trade towns in East China and even in the whole country, the local steel industry in Wuxi has promoted the development of the local logistics industry. According to the Tian Eye Survey data, there are more than 400,000 enterprises with road general cargo transportation in China, among which Jiangsu Province ranks first with 82,645 enterprises. Wuxi City has 6789, ranking fourth in the province.

For a long time, road freight transportation has been the main mode of transportation in China. According to the data of the Highway Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Transportation, the volume of Chinas highway freight transportation in 2017 accounted for 78% of all the comprehensive transportation systems. This industry is huge, but also very traditional, full of large and small logistics companies. The typical feature of the industry is small scattered and weak.

Road freight industry entry threshold is very low, basically a car can have a driver, car rental, operational qualification can be linked to an enterprise, not to mention any management. Its possible that transport companies dont know anything about the daily transportation of trucks registered under their flag. Fan Peng, head of the long-term logistics fleet management company, told reporters that the problem of industry overload is rampant, and behind it is the reality of the rough development of the highway logistics industry.

Short-distance overloading is more rampant

The accident occurred in Wuxi 312 National Road Shanghai direction Xigang road bridge section. Several local residents said that overloaded trucks were often seen on the countrys roads, especially in the evening, and the local management of overloaded transport seemed less stringent.

In fact, this also represents the normal industry.

To some extent, the management of national highway is looser than that of highway.

China has clear legal provisions for over-limit transportation including over-load transportation, including Traffic Safety Law of the Peoples Republic of China, Regulations on Road Safety Protection, Regulations on Road Management of Over-limit Transportation Vehicles (Decree No. 62 of the Ministry of Transportation 2016), etc. All of them have made fines, suspension, reorganization and revocation of transport licenses for the corresponding over-load and over-limit situations. Certification and other provisions.

For example, in accordance with the Regulations on Highway Management of Over-limit Transportation Vehicles, if the total quality of the vehicles and goods exceeds the limit but does not exceed 1 ton, a warning shall be given; if the total quality exceeds 1 ton, a fine of 500 yuan per over 1 ton shall be imposed, and the maximum penalty shall not exceed 30,000 yuan.

Especially in 2016, a nationwide campaign to rectify illegal and overloaded highway trucks was launched. The Ministry of Transport also made a one-over-four-penalty provision for overloaded trucks. The responsible parties include carriers, loading enterprises, freight forwarders and drivers.

In addition, in recent years, the application of some technologies, including automatic weighing device, electronic eye monitoring, etc., Xu Yong believes that the domestic overtaking has actually achieved initial results in recent years.

The effect of overtaking control is mainly reflected in the field of cross-regional and long-distance road freight transportation. A staff member of the Transportation Commission said, The number of overhaul staff in the city depends on the allocation of local management departments. Generally speaking, overhaul comprehensive checkpoints are built at the junction of provinces.

At present, overloading is more common in the field of short-distance freight transportation.

National highways are also checked, but not as strict as high-speed roads. Traffic policemen used to check on the roadside, but now some sections have weighed the key points, but the long-term old drivers generally know, which road and which period of time no one on duty, you can quietly go on the road. A driver who has been engaged in long-distance freight transportation for six years disclosed to the Interface News.

Among them, some of the national roads that enjoy the green channel policy are the most abundant.

In fact, the 312 National Road involved is one of the green channels set up by the transportation department to support the circulation of agricultural products.

According to relevant requirements, vehicles transporting fresh agricultural products through this section can enjoy lower or no fees, and under normal circumstances, no vehicle stop inspection, and provide necessary assistance; minor traffic violations occur mainly through education, after correcting the violations, release.

Many people familiar with road freight industry said to the interface news that the general truck from the delivery point to transport goods, it is necessary to weigh the actual load situation, there will be an information record, which is also an important basis for law enforcement inspection.

If the truck is not overloaded, then the driver will choose to take the high-speed, because the high-speed is faster, in line with the requirements of transportation timeliness. If truck drivers choose to take the National Road, it is often because of overload, which can reduce the risk of punishment.

Lose money without overloading?

According to the information disclosed at present, in the Wuxi accident, the haulage vehicle involved in transporting steel coils exceeded its load by at least two times. The tractor involved transported six coils, four of which were of a single weight of about 28.5 tons, and the actual load exceeded at least 114 tons.

This kind of vehicle is called 100 tons king in the industry, and it is a road and bridge killer. Drivers themselves are also facing various potential risks in transportation. Moreover, according to Fan Peng, in the event of an accident involving an over-limited truck, the insurance company will not pay compensation, so the economic risks faced by the carrier are also very large.

So, what is the reason that the truck driver risked his life to overload on the road?

If you dont overload, you lose money. This sentence is widely spread in the logistics circle, which shows the root of the overload chaos.

According to Zhang Yuan, according to the normal process, the owner of a batch of goods will find a local transportation company to quote. The whole process is similar to competitive bidding, and the enterprise with the lowest price usually gets the order. From Place A to Place B, both parties are charged according to the weight of the goods transported (usually in tons).

Nowadays, calculating freight rate by weight has become a mainstream pricing method for road freight.

This means that the heavier the goods transported on a single truck, the higher the price they get, and the more they earn. Of course, this must be based on the chance of not being caught in overload.

With the increase of labor cost, more cars and less goods, and intensified competition in the industry, the phenomenon of overload becomes more and more serious.

As the owner of a freight company, Zhang Yuan said that the overloading phenomenon was not so serious three or four years ago, but in the past two years, the fuel and labor costs have risen sharply. The wages of hiring a truck driver have risen from an average of 78,000 yuan a month three or four years ago to 13,151 months.

There are too many local freight companies and the competition is too fierce. Those transport companies that win the bid at a low price will almost certainly be overloaded. If they do not, they will either earn little or lose money. Zhang Yuan said.

Xu Yong agrees with this view. He believes that, from the perspective of the industrial chain, each chain is pricing, which promotes the transportation enterprises to risk overloading. Even the domestic automobile manufacturers will take the overload factor into account when designing automobiles, which lays a carrier foundation for vehicle overloading. Overload control is a systematic project. We should normalize overload control, just like alcohol driving, and strengthen punishment.

Fan Peng said that the accident also served as a reminder to the industry, hoping that in the future, Chinas super-control policy can be implemented in place to guide the highway logistics industry from rough original competition to standardized competition.

Survey of Wuxi Elevated Rollover Accident: Deadly Truck Overload Four-fold Business

According to people familiar with the matter, the truck involved from Successful Transport Company was limited to 40 tons, but it was operated at four times the loading capacity at the time of the incident.

At the entrance of a successful transportation company, a close relative poured bitter water on the reporters, saying that the overload is far more than their family, their gross transportation income is generally only 8 yuan a ton, if strictly in accordance with the weight limit of transportation...

Half of what she said stopped.