Boeing CEO loses his chair due to the separation of 737max post

 Boeing CEO loses his chair due to the separation of 737max post

Boeing said on Oct. 11 that it would separate its chairman and CEO to allow CEO Dennis Muilenburg to concentrate full-time on the companys operations after the 737 Max crisis.

Dennis Mullenberg, CEO of Boeing

Boeings 737 Max model has two fatal accidents, which resulted in 346 deaths. It faces many investigations and public pressure, so it is necessary to concentrate on the operation of the company.

The board of directors said that separating the chairman from the CEO would enable Mullenberg to operate the company wholeheartedly, because the company is committed to restarting 737MAX security, ensuring full support for Boeings customers around the world, and making changes to enhance Boeings work, especially with regard to product and service security, the Boeing statement said.

Boeing said it had elected its chief director, David Calhoun, as its non-executive chairman.

Boeings 373 Max narrow-body commercial airliner has suffered two fatal accidents in six months. The report blames sensor failures on two fatal crashes. The accident led to the grounding of 737 Max by flight authorities around the world.

At present, all three major US airlines have postponed the return flight of 737 Max to January next year.

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