Older beauties want to meet each other: with more happiness, marriage is not the only solution

 Older beauties want to meet each other: with more happiness, marriage is not the only solution

You see, no matter who sees a lovely girl, how can they have the heart to make her cry? Even a rash man and a strong man talking to a beautiful girl will unconsciously speak in a softer tone

(I dont know the actress, so I went to search for the following introduction. As a matter of fact, its beautiful from childhood to adulthood, especially in line with Japanese aesthetics. Its pure and sexy.)

When she was thirty-one or two years old, she suddenly felt that she was not so sure what she wanted to do. She contacted several boyfriends one after another. She was in the third year of junior high school. She talked and found that she was married.

Cant I talk about ordinary peoples love?

I remember Watanabe Chunyi wrote that the best way to find a lover is to find a 31-year-old beauty, because girls over 30 years old seem to experience a big obstacle in life, will become more open-minded.

It seems that China and Japan have the same views on marriage promotion: no matter what your conditions, women should get married in their 20s, try hard in their 30s, and they really cant get married in their 40s.

Next, if you dont get married and have no children, you will surely end up alone. Its pitiful.

The difference is that China is talking about seven big aunts and eight big aunts who care about other peoples household affairs, while Japan is more implicit and does not shout in front of you, but the views are also deep-rooted.

Dont marry = not happy, its 9012 years old. Some people take this as an example. Are you married without eating your rice? Do you want to be talkative?

What other people think, you can leave it alone. The womans anxiety lies in that she is not consciously influenced by public opinion and begins to panic. Am I doomed not to talk about a good boyfriend, to get married, to die alone when she is old?

Her married best friend is a tattletaleu2014u2014

Because you are a beautiful woman, ordinary men think you are too tall to climb, and married men have no worries about the future, but also want to challenge such a Kaolin flower as you, in case it succeeds, how fragrant and exciting!

Hum! I want to change the status quo, this time I must find unmarried men to fall in love. Where to find it? By the way! Dating website!

So it was decided that the beautiful woman opened the door of a wonderful flower called blind date.

Just like the social networking sites that expose people who are chatting to death at any moment and then no more, you can only see that there are all kinds of strange people in the world if you go to a blind date in person.

The reason for the slightly insulting words of leftover man and leftover woman is that it is generally believed that only those who are left behind in the marriage market and need to be sold cheaply need to be matched.

Just like fruit stall owners, they always put big and red fruits in the first row. Guests pick and choose the remaining fruits that can not be sold. They have to pay special price for clearing their warehouses.

And the beauty protagonist is charming, fashionable, has temperament, strong working ability, economic independence, how to look at all are the first row of fruit, who can believe that she actually want to go blind?

One even said, Dont lie to me, I wont spend my time with you! After all, Theres no more beautiful woman to date than the one in the picture.

The only one who can see through is a somewhat old-fashioned young man who sincerely wants to associate on the premise of marriage. But the womans attitude toward him is just the best man Ive ever met, leaving a spare tire.

In another high-end single bar, she met another doctor with good conditions in all aspects. His attitude was ambiguous, but attracted the attention of beautiful women.

The woman was wavering between a man with a spare tire and a man with a doctor B.

In choosing A man, he must be devoted to his marriage goals, such as finding money and getting things; while B man is obviously more attractive, but whether he can get married still needs to be observed.

She decided to attack the B man who attracted her more first.

A master of tricks, a woman has come to understand that the doctor man does not want to marry, just divorced him, to go to the single bar is just another form of gorgeous hunting.

And man A, when they are about to applaud for love, she finds herself unable to speak at all and her body cant lie. Her affection for him is so slight.

At the same time, two men, although very happy to be pursued, can really ask for a result, the answer is that women are quite disappointed with themselves.

She used to hate the scum man who cheated her feelings so much, but now she has become a scum woman who only wants to satisfy her desires.

Beauty blind date failed, admit their failure, also accept their failure. The point is that the hostess understands that she only wants sweet love. As for whether she wants to get married, lets talk about it!

As a result of the overhaul, the film shows a lot of fragments, and there are some hard injuries in the narration and editing of the story, but I still like a few scenes only women can understand, which are very feminine and delicately depicted.

Weekend parks, the world is running, everyone has their own business, only the woman is alone.

Perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, she is beautiful and rich, never lack of pursuit, everything in life is perfect, how can she be lonely?

But it happens that there is such a moment, a small thing that is not satisfactory, that is, a sudden attack, people can not be defeated, even if it is just a passer-by dog ignored you.

(Beauty is also human, she also has emotional empty window period, girlfriend busy taking care of her family can not accompany her, had to go to the park alone to spend time in the day-to-day, feeling lonely, afraid of loneliness)

The girl who had dinner and drink with the hostess and went home. The shoes of Xuanguan husband remained in the state of just taking off. The coat was on the sofa. The dinner she prepared was accompanied by a lovely cartoon note, which did not move at all.

(Maybe she told him to take off his shoes 10,000 times and tidy them up, just to be a deaf ear.)

At that time, there was a text message. I didnt see whether it was my mother-in-law or my mother. But I didnt need to read it carefully to know what tasks were assigned to her under the banner of concern.

(Later, she had a big quarrel with the hostess and received a phone call from her mother, which was to urge her to have a baby as soon as possible.)

The most wonderful thing is the quarrel between the hostess and her girlfriend, and the deep-seated words of their hearts, and the outbreak of jealousy in friendship.

The girl said, You cant get married!

This reminds me of the novel My Girlfriend of Genius, which is the friendship between girls. They like each other and admire each other, but at the same time, they must prove that I am stronger.

The woman felt that her girlfriend was married safely and steadily. When the full-time housewife did not have to work hard in the workplace, she was very happy. She did not see the chicken feathers in the trivial marriage life, the relationship between husband and wife, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

My girlfriend thinks that the princess shines brightly in the workplace, and she can do whatever she wants to do immediately. She also does not see the anxiety, uncertainty and fear of the psychological pressure of being alone when she encounters bottlenecks in design creation.

Of course not! Your happiness is copied and pasted to her, she may not feel it.

Its not that the exam questions have only positive solutions. Each of us is writing a unique exam paper about our life.

The lonely beauty in the park at the weekend said I want to die. Good or bad, she can feel that this is the feeling of the hostess.

Although the hostess is rampant, she wants to do it. Dont worry about what a blind date is. Try it. Its her power of action.

It is her ability to love herself to figure out what state she is most comfortable, not to force herself, not to endure in order to enter into marriage.

Maybe you would say that beautiful women are selfish. Everything is from their own point of view, is simply heaven and earth, only I respect.

Is there anything wrong with that? Whats wrong with her being free to live within her permission?

The beauty is in a good mood, so the scenery on the street is more beautiful!

Bench elder sister Li slowly