What happened to the girl who left home early?

 What happened to the girl who left home early?

I live with the young lady sister heard the childs words, poured a glass of water silly joy, said that let her feel the freedom of adults.

So a real girl, and two adults over the age of a girl, started the first stop of the journey of freedom: watching movies.

The film was chosen by Miss Sister, The Snowmans Margin. The children said that the movie was for the children, and they said that we were naive with a cold face, but finally they were honest with us.

Not surprisingly, at the beginning, I was still disgusted with the childish children of the plot. Later, I looked in quietly. I saw Miss and Sister Eye. She smiled and nodded at me. Adults do not fight unprepared battles. 02. Before the opening of the film, I saw the outline of the film. The story of Snowmans Margin took place in China. It was Mr. Cai Ming who dubbed the voice for Grandma. For later 90s, the voice was not so kind. It was easy to overlap with some moments in memory. Xiaoyi, the protagonist in the film, is a rebellious girl who does not get along well with her mother and grandmother. The love of her family is a constraint to her. Like her friends who watch movies, she is full of thoughts about leaving home. Nor did she understand that Grandmas chatter was also an implicit expression of emotion. In her heart, she only felt that her late father could understand herself. Therefore, Xiaoyi always wanted to work alone and save money to travel to places that her father had said she would take her. In the middle of the night, she would stand alone on the roof of the roof and miss her father by playing the violin. When she met Mao on the roof, she did not hesitate to escort him back to his hometown, Mount Everest. This is a journey home for Mao, and for Xiaoyi, it is a rare opportunity to escape home. Xiaoyi originally thought that leaving home was a free life she longed for. What surprised her was that it was this journey that made her realize the real meaning of home. Despite the plot, the scenes in Snowmans Margin are also really beautiful. On the way home, they traveled the magnificent rivers and mountains of the motherland. The beautiful scenes of Qiandao Lake, Huangshan Mountain and Leshan Buddha are still shocked by the visual effects of an animated film. At one time I was a little trance. I might have seen the HD 4K picture of the Record Channel, but it was really painted.