After watching these dramas, I finally understood: Men are millions of dollars, if we cant do it, we can change it!

 After watching these dramas, I finally understood: Men are millions of dollars, if we cant do it, we can change it!

After reading it, I really want to send a banner to the Little Joy crew!

You know, since I was 13 years old, I have been forced to learn from TV children. Unexpectedly, they just paralyzed on the sofa to catch up with the play, and realized the way of parent-child interaction, and they became better people in one episode!

However, when Fang Yuan and Tong Wenjie gave their sons sex education

Or too twisted pinch, look forward to improvement!

In addition, with the broadcasting of Ode to Joy and My First Half Life in recent years, my parents gradually broke away from the low taste of marriage, and established the value of women should be self-reliant.

Their changes made me notice:

Teleplay, an art form oriented to all regions and groups, as an indispensable leisure and dining partner for countless people, has also influenced the audience in an invisible way?

These good plays have changed me.

Change may exist.

For example, when Qiu Ze expressed his love for Zhang Junyong and asked for the best wishes of his netizens, but they were mocked by the crowd, we would probably thank the edification of major female dramas such as Yanxi Strategy, which made us very sensitive to male violence.

When the emperor refused, he was very naive.

For example, the new play Unbelievable caused a sensation.

Many netizens have said that they never thought that victims of sexual assault would suffer such harsh treatment, and reflect on whether they also unintentionally hurt others, we may be able to look forward to a more friendly world.

When I see words of solidarity with victims of sexual assault growing in my circle of friends, along with words of praise for plays like Miss Hammurabi and Even Sensitivity, my heart always warms up.

Figure /Even if its sensitive, it doesnt matter.

When Please Enter Search Words: WWW, Battle of the Skeleton, The Great Mrs. Machel and other female career dramas are widely discussed, and even when the previous Hong Kong professional dramas are also duplicated, the independent, intellectual and elegant superheroines in the dramas also cross time and space and become the best allies of women in the fight against gender discrimination in employment.

Drawings of Professional Women in Hong Kong Opera

As for myself, there have also been some subtle changes.

For example, I cant listen to the bitter love songs sung by female singers, because its hard for me to make up a heterosexual story that shed tears for love. Listen, I want to persuade the singer who is crying:

Ten million men, we can change if we cant!

I like the bitter love songs sung by male singers very much. Maybe its because men seldom express themselves so delicately in real life.

In addition, I like to collect all the interesting souls that break through traditional gender roles:

Boys who are proud of their sensibility and girls who are not in a hurry to fall in love easily mention grandparents who dont want their daughters to get married, but later choose to have a single child, retired grandmothers who are full of curiosity and fly over comfortable areas...

If I had to write such sentences as Zhu Sue and Chen Sanyuan in Sister Tuo Gu Shi inspired me that no occupation can be done by women; the sand in Home on the Slope reminded me that childbearing is risky and pregnancy should be careful; Grace and Frankie in The Wife Club made me realize that women deserve to be sexually blessed, it would be too much like a full-score composition in the college entrance examination.

If someone had to sit on Commander Gaos face,

That man should be me too!

Tu/Homosexual Club

But those female roles that make peoples eyes shine are always looming in my mind. Together with the womens rights role models of different genders around me, they make me more determined and free.

Teleplays can also change the world!

Over the years, there have been many examples of Chinese Opera being famous all over the world.

The translation of Delta is also quite gorgeous.

And when the national drama advocating gender equality benefits the world, it is even more impressive.

One of them is The Good Age of Daughters-in-law in 2009.

The family ethics drama has been translated into nine languages. After its first broadcast in Senegal in 2011, it has been broadcast in rotation in Africa for eight years, covering more than 100 million people.

African fans not only like the Chinese humor in the play, but also love the aftermath played by Huang Haibo and the Mao Dou couple played by Hai Qing.

The aftermath is that there is no male chauvinism in marriage. He respects Mao Dou Dou, tries to adjust the contradiction between his daughter-in-law, mother-in-law and sister-in-law, and is patient, humorous and wise in the face of crisis.

The African audience expressed their yearning for Sister Doudou.

And left his cell phone number.

African fans yearn for a relaxed and natural family relationship, while local writers are greatly inspired to develop local plays and discuss family ethics.

Figure /CCTV

Its not just in Africa that TV plays lead audiences to a better life. The other half of the sky also records many inspirational stories related to the pursuit of drama.

Brazils Global Television Network broadcasts popular soap operas featuring women with fewer children. A study by Eliana LaFerrara, an Italian development economist, found that when the Global Television Network covers a new area of Brazil, the birth rate in that area will decline in the next few years.

This phenomenon is particularly prevalent among women of low social status and of reproductive age. This means that they decided to follow the example of the soap opera figures they worshipped and stop having children.

In India, there has also been a phenomenon of television promoting gender equality.

Robert Jensen of Brown University and Emily Oster of the University of Chicago have found that most of Indias popular cable shows are set in urban middle-class families. Women in these cities have jobs and are free to move in and out.

The Indian drama Miracle.

Talking about the heroines inspirational experience of becoming a billionaire from a maid

With the introduction of cable television into rural India, the gender concept of rural audiences has changed.

Before the advent of television, 62% of the village women surveyed believed that it was acceptable for their husbands to beat their wives, 55% expressed a clear wish that their next child would be a boy, and two-thirds of the women said they needed their husbandsconsent when they went out to visit relatives and friends.

Since the advent of television, women have gained more autonomy: such as the right to leave home without consent, and the right to participate in family decisions; people have become less receptive to beating their wives; with the decline in the number of births, women are less patriarchal; and people are more likely to send their daughters to school.

Rural audiences have found that the so-called modern is to treat women as human beings.

Two researchers commented:

The introduction of cable TV is equivalent to the implementation of womens education for about five years.

Home-made TV series Im looking forward to

Seeing inspirational research in Brazil and India, we cant help but expect more from Chinese opera:

I hope to see more professional plays starring women, the more professional the better. They dont need love lines, but theyd better have friendship lines, especially those of the opposite sex.

I also want to see more women starring in comedy, but I dont want to hear them Tucao men and marriage. Laugh about the world, after all, the world is too big, far bigger than men and children.

Tu/The Great Mrs. Machel

Finally, I hope that the middle-aged and elderly women will dominate the National Opera and benefit the audience of my parents generation.

After all, there are too many middle-aged and old actresses who can play and perform well.

Given enough space for them to show their personal charm, will parents be busy chasing stars or seeing different ways of life from them, thus slowing down the status quo of forced marriage?

With the rapid development of economy, TV plays become more and more exquisite, but what I expect more is that the core of TV plays is also advancing with the times.

Wish the future, less Niang Dao and more Xiao Happy.

P.S. This article only represents the authors personal views, some of which are from the network.

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