Jiang Xun | Why does Su Shi laugh at all kinds of life?

 Jiang Xun | Why does Su Shi laugh at all kinds of life?

Su Shi was sent to Huangzhou after he was released from prison, and his whole life changed. Most of the people at that time did not dare to ignore him because he was a political prisoner.

When people like you, its easy for you to love others; if people hate you, its not so easy for you to say you love others.

At this time, old friend Ma Zhengqing found a slope in the east to cultivate for him, so Su Shi named it Dongpo Jushi. At this time, Su Shi died and Su Dongpo came alive.

This is the time when the song Going East of the Great River, Washing Out of the Waves, Ancient Romantic Persons was written. When you read Niannujiao Chibi nostalgia, you will feel that it is not Su Shi who walks in the Song Dynasty, but Su Dongpo who walks in the history of the Three Kingdoms.

On the west side of the base, the humanity is Zhoulang Chibi of the Three Kingdoms.

Rocks and clouds break down, waves beat the shore, rolling up thousands of piles of snow.

Picturesque rivers and mountains, how many heroes for a time!

Looking back on Gong Jin, Xiao Qiao first married and became a hero.

The feather fan and the silk towel, talking and laughing, the masts and sculls are ashes.

When you travel in your native country, you should laugh at me for being sentimental and have beautiful hair as early as possible.

The world is like a dream, and a sprinkling of Jiangyue.

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