Sons and daughters-in-law, you move away, brother is going to get married. But we still have seven yearsmortgage.

 Sons and daughters-in-law, you move away, brother is going to get married. But we still have seven yearsmortgage.

We often say that marriage and marriage are the business of two families, not just of two young people.

But the key point is still to see the person you marry, because no matter how good your mother-in-law is, if your husband is not good, you will not be happy in the past.

Conversely, your mother-in-laws family is no better, as long as you marry a good person, it can also have a happy life.

Therefore, this good requirement is quite high, such as character, ability, whether you love you enough, are to be considered.

To achieve these, even if you encounter other peoples obstruction after marriage, encounter difficulties, encounter bad parents-in-law, it can also be solved.

Net friend Lulu met bad parents-in-law, when she got married, she said she had a marriage room. Her parents-in-law paid the down payment and wanted Lulu to repay the mortgage with her husband.

At the same time, because the house is ready, the lottery can only mean what it means.

Lulu is not a material person either. Her condition is not bad and she doesnt care. Instead, she bought a car for Lulu as a dowry.

Lulu and her husband also had a good relationship, so she didnt care about anything else and lived happily and earnestly in the past.

These years, the husband and wife no longer rely on their families, but they work hard. In fact, mother-in-law Lulu has a business, which is always run together with her brother.

Lulu naturally didnt want to say yes. She tentatively said, Mom and Dad, we have lived in this house for several years and its old. Dont you buy a new house for your brother?

The mother-in-law said impatiently, Its our business not to buy a new house. Its a house that youve lived in vain for a few years and you should be satisfied. Youre afraid you dont know. The name of this house is mine and your fathers. We give it to whoever we like!

Its not pleasant to say that. Husband Lulu is also angry. He didnt expect his parents to be so partial and suddenly come here for a while.

So he said, Mom and Dad, my brother can get married, but we have paid back the mortgage for seven years. You give us the money to pay the mortgage. We can only live if three of us move out!

When the two old people listened, they scolded him for being unfilial and for having no conscience. But scolding, this matter Lulu husband did not compromise. Two generations of people have been making trouble for a long time, so that my brothers girlfriends family also knows.

So all kinds of advice to her daughter not to marry, and later this marriage did not succeed, but Lulus parents-in-law continued to ask for a house.

Look at this case to see how important it is to marry a man who knows how to protect his rights and interests, and a man who will consider his wife and children.

If he is more dutiful, he will stand on the side of his parents and brothers and feel that it is incumbent upon him to marry and ask for help from himself.

Although filial piety to parents and loving brothers are virtues, there must also be a bottom line and principles.

After all, the mortgage that has been paid for several years is not a small amount. At the same time, in the payment, there are half of the wife.

Moreover, he could see that his parents could not force themselves so clearly, so they did not compromise.

After all, the love between parents and children is mutual. Only when the elderly are respected, can the children love voluntarily.

Otherwise, compulsively and selfishly demanding and demanding can also be refused by children, which can be said to be no.

A woman who marries is lucky to meet such a man. Otherwise, he may really take his wife and children out to live and suffer grievances.

If a woman loves him and cant get out of the way, she may just have to swallow her anger and have no way.

Even if you dont agree, it may be hard to fight with his family.

But the man who loves you, the man who has responsibility, the man who knows what is wrong, will not let his woman be beaten by the wind and rain, will stand in front of himself, will solve the wind and rain by himself.

Even if these storms come from his parents and family, he will also know who is right and who is wrong, and what he wants to protect.

There will be a bottom line of principle, not because of softness of heart, or because of dumb filial piety such as the psychological let their women suffer together with themselves.

It can be seen that the most important thing in marriage is to choose the right person. His family may have an impact on him or your life.

But as long as he is right, responsible and loves you, then he will deal with the problems from his parents, and will not let you face the ups and downs.